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Social Networking for a Better World


The rise of corporate-owned social media raises many flags about our online security and the future of the digital commons. The solution, says theorist Michael Albert, is a different kind of network altogether.

In many ways, social media seem almost designed for activism. Efficient, user-friendly, and above all, inexpensive, sites like Facebook and Twitter are invaluable communication tools for any activist. Planning a rally outside a college president's office? Create a Facebook group. Find a nifty guide to protesters' rights online? Share it on Twitter. Worried about police brutality at an illegal march? Live-stream from your phone so more people can see what you see.

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Congrats! The Back Slapping Nature of Social Media


I'm a nice guy, right? I generally root for people to succeed, even in situations when I'm skeptical of their plans. And a pat on the back - of encouragement, or a job well done - I know that matters. But I'm sorry, I can't do it any more. The "congrats" tweets. They need to stop. Often, especially after a tech news event, my Twitter feed is filled with these meaningless kudos. Man, I sound like Gabe Rivera, but hear me out. This isn't about some cold, hard stoicism where we're all locked in some mortal confrontation and praise equals weakness. No, rather it's about three simple types of sin.

The SuckUp Congrats ("@dickc congrats man, you totally nailed the commencement speech")
Here someone tries to curry favor and attach themselves to a notable figure via public supplicancy. SuckUp pile ons often occur.

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Marketo Shares Pop More Than 50% In IPO


Marketo shares surged after the company's initial public offering today, rising more than 50% from its offering price.

Marketo, which provides marketing automation software, priced 6.06 million shares last night at $13 per share (the high end of the $11-$13 range), then opened today at $20. It is trading at $20.22 in early afternoon trading on the NASDAQ.

The company's market capitalization is about $724 million, not including additional optional shares available to purchase for underwriters.

Founded in 2006, Marketo is the latest enterprise technology company to draw attention from investors after companies such as Workday WDAY +1.15%, Palo Alto Networks PANW +4.33% and ServiceNow NOW +1.23% went public in the past year. Tableau Software, a big data visualization company, also went public today on the NYSE.

The company's cofounder and CEO Phil Fernandez, who rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ this morning, says that demand from marketers for enterprise tools to manage their web sites and other marketing channels has been growing quickly with the growth of social and mobile. Marketo now has customers in healthcare, technology, academia, film and music. "We hit the market at just the right time," Fernandez said.

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You Heard What on Twitter?!?!

You Heard What on Twitter
The fact is that most social media networks have been saturated with eager businesses that are looking for that marketing edge. When it comes to Facebook, the marketing methods are pretty straight forward. You know how to find what you are looking for and how to ensure people find you. However, Twitter is a bit more layered. If you do not utilize each of these layers, chances are you are missing prime marketing opportunities that are literally right at your fingertips.

The problem for most small and big businesses alike is the fact that they are not using Twitter properly. If they are not using it properly, they are also not using it to its full potential. The following tips will help you learn the proper ways to use Twitter and make your marketing efforts profitable.

Your Streams

Chances are if you are on Twitter the only stream you read regularly is your News stream. In fact, for more users, they do not even know that other or multiple streams are possible. You need to set up your Twitter account so that you have several different streams of information, this will help you be informed about multiple actions and help you interact with more people, more often.

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Google+ Redesign: What You Need to Know


During a a three hour long keynote at the I/O conference, Google announced 41 new features for Google+, including a new look stream and profile pages, hashtags, trending topics, photo enhancement and greater integration with Hangouts.

We've tried out some of the most important and interesting (below) for your perusal. All of these features were rolled out immediately and are available now.

Redesigned Layout

The design of the stream and profile is quite reminiscent of Pinterest and the yet to be released Facebook newsfeed. Each post is in a box in a two-column view with a slide out navigation to the left handside. You can now use hashtags in posts, in the same way as Twitter, and clicking on them will take you to other posts tagged with that hashtag.

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Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media


Dear Bob & Doug:

I'm the CEO of a youth fashion chain aimed at elite teens who think our clothes are the cost of admission to the non-loser tables in the cafeteria. Obviously, we don't want a bunch of tubby dorkwads in our clothes, because their inferiority rubs off on the brand. I've been saying this for years, but now I mention something about us not selling to fat chicks, because, duh, and suddenly I'm the Mr. Meanie. Dude, what happened?

—Mystified in the Mall

Dear Mystified:

What happened was the Relationship Era. Now everybody knows how bad your values are, what kind of messages you are sending children and generally what a jerk you are. Your marketing strategy is bullying. Enjoy the conversation, Dude. It'll be about you.

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