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Finally, Someone Has Made A 'Pause' Button For Emails

92246650Aye Moah of Baydin Inc has done busy people everywhere  a giant favor.

She's created a Gmail/Chrome extension called INBOX  PAUSE. This glorious tool was discovered by The Next Web's Zee Kane.

It does exactly what you think it does. It prevents  any more emails from popping up in your inbox the moment you press the  "pause" button. Emails are stored in a hidden place until you're ready to  receive them.

What's more, INBOX PAUSE can send auto-replies to email  senders saying their messages were not received -- kind of like a voicemail box  that's run out of room.

When your inbox is paused, a Gmail-style yellow banner appears at the top of  your inbox that reads, "Your inbox is currently paused. Please click the blue  UNPAUSE button to see what's waiting for you."

INBOX PAUSE is currently available for Chrome.  "Take a break from email," the creator says. "Be Free."

Silly. Frivolous. Yes, DrawChat is a Chat App With Sketching.

100056410What do you do after you spend years working on very serious, infrastructure problems supporting Gmail and literally hundreds of millions of users globally?

You build a drawing app. Or at least that's what Gabor Cselle did after he stopped being an Android and Gmail product manager, following an acquisition into Google two years ago. He and co-founder Jeremy Orlow had been working on Gmail and Chrome respectively.

"We just wanted to do something fun. Something that would make our friends smile and feel really lightweight," Cselle said. "This is the simplest idea that we could come up with. We literally were just like: What is something that will delight people?"

So they created DrawChat.

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The Big Data Science Behind Today's Most Popular Content

What's the best day of the week to publish your post? What time of day will get your content the most page views and tweets? Are shorter posts better than longer ones?

There are lots of answers to these questions. Unfortunately, most of them are anecdotal, not data driven. But if you're a blogger, marketer, or PR agent, the answers to these questions are absolutely critical.

I asked dozens of Big Data vendors if they could help me answer these questions. Ultimately, Big Data analytics company Datameer rose to the challenge.

As a starting point, Datameer analyzed 30 days of Big Data articles on Forbes.com, between July 9 and August 8, 2012. Datameer used the publicly available data displayed with each post, including publication date, time, page views, tweets, headline, and full text.

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Twitter to Earn More Mobile Ad Revenue Than Facebook This Year

96106082Twitter may have a ways to go until it matches Facebook's valuation, but at least in one crucial segment — mobile advertising — it appears to be besting its larger rival.

A report from eMarketer estimates that Twitter will hit $129.7 million in U.S. mobile ad revenues this year compared to $72 million for Facebook.

However, Twitter's advantage in the mobile ad space won't last for long. According to eMarketer's predictions, Facebook's ad revenue will grow five-fold to $387 million in 2013, beating Twitter's take by more than $100 million. This would make Facebook the second highest mobile ad earner behind Google.

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Facebook Officially Closes Instagram Deal

123340463Facebook has finally closed its deal to acquire Instagram, the  companies  announced  today.

When Facebook announced in April that it would acquire Instagram, the price was $1 billion, including $300 million in cash and the rest in stock. Since then, Facebook went public, and its stock price has plunged. With Facebook's stock trading at $18.92 Thursday, the deal price is about $736 million.

"So many of us at Facebook love using Instagram to share moments with our friends," said Facebook vice president of engineering Mike Schroepfer in a blog post.  "And for so many people, sharing photos with friends is an important part of the Facebook experience. That's why we're so excited to bring Instagram to Facebook and see what we can create together."

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Everyone likes free eBooks – here are free templates to create your own eBooks

102720879The most popular thing I do for this group is to provide access to free eBooks. Everyone loves them. So what if YOU could quickly and easily create eBooks? Well, you can. Really. All you need are these free templates provided below from HubSpot. Take your best content and create a powerful, compelling eBook to drive traffic to your website. It's not difficult at all using their simple templates. Check it out for yourself!

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