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Why We Should Love Social Media

why love social media socialmediopolisIt's 1:32 am, I'm sitting in front of my laptop trying to figure out why we're so dedicated to my "social" crowd, why we cannot go to the bed without a clear idea of a new post for tomorrow, why hundred of thousands of people connect every day for helping one each other, sharing content, new insights, different approaches, exchanging experience or enhancing their knowledge, for instance. Why there's so much information it could barely be handled, why we're so puzzled for this thing called Social Media. Is it hate? addiction? Fads? devotion? I think it must being love, if so, why? I wonder why should we love Social Media?

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Social Media Marketing

...for Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Christian Music Artists, and Christian Non-profit & Business Owners

Marketing and publicity is not what it used to be. Social Media Marketing is one of the newest but most effective (in reach and cost) tools for marketing. And the industry of ministry is right on board with this revolution.

Do you use social media marketing for your church, ministry, organization or business?

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Social Media with Ease

I'm here to talk plain and frankly from my approach about Social Media with ease, so everybody will be able to understand the essential role Social Media is playing in today's business world.

What is Social Media about?

I'm sure we can find thousands of different definitions on the Web and all very valid and even more accurate than mine, but that is what Social Media is about, sharing and interacting for a common enrichment. As I said above, here I leave my view...

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Foursquare For Sure in 2010

A survey this week from 24seven inquired about marketing trends I think will decline or go away in 2010. Among those I cited was phone-a-friend because viral activities are moving so rapidly toward online application domination. A similar question can be asked as to what will be this coming year's new growth trends, and high on my list is location social, the process of combining location with interactivity and discovery of places, akin to being the Netflix of local recommendations.

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How Facebook benefits your Business

Have you ever suffered of a friend or relative that posted something corny, embarassing or even a photo that you wish that your current and prospective customers never see??

I think everybody who has a Facebook account it has passed through this at anytime. When this occurs is when we start looking for a way to keep our business safe and isolated from our personal life. Having a Fan Page on Facebook for your Business could be the solution.

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Will Mobile Phones Replace...

In-Store Retail Salespeople?

Mobile phones have to be one of the best on the spot, at the moment, information retrieval resources of all time. How many times have you seen disagreements settled immediately, courtesy of a quick iPhone web research query? Well, it looks like some companies are ready to capitalize upon our penchant for instant research about things that interest us.

Let's flash back to a recent industry panel where a senior Best Buy executive said "The right information at the point of impulse increases desired consumer's behavior, sales, profits and customer satisfaction." That sure sounds like a description of one of Best Buy's best in-store salespeople helping out customers standing next to the latest electronic gizmo in one of their stores.

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