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5 Judges of Your Content Marketing

112987077When you're building a content marketing strategy, you'll hear a lot of opinions. We spend so much time online everyday, we've all developed our own personal preferences for website content and navigation. That can mean that two different judges will have two very different opinions on the quality of your website content. So who do you listen to?

Recent studies found that a lot of marketers are unhappy with their brand's website. Thirty-Nine percent feel that their competitor's website is better, while 20% say their website doesn't represent your brand. These opinions suggest that a big portion of businesses need to change their website. But before you go searching for web designers, there are 5 judges of your website who will dictate the success of your content marketing. You should go to them first, and in order.

1. Google (Other Search Engines are available)

Nearly 70% of web searches occur on Google. It's a bi-word for online search, so much so that people forget that other search engines exist. The most important judge of your website and content marketing success is also the channel that will create your traffic.

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Are Social Networks the Media Companies of the Future?

112987077While many traditional media companies continue to struggle, business is booming for the social media industry. With millions of users updating statuses, posting photos and sharing articles, these networks have become massive content hubs.

But how do you harness the best content and use it to engage the larger user base? How can useful news and information be created — or curated — from these communities? These are questions social networks are now working to answer by hiring editorial teams and, in effect, becoming the publishers of the future.

Today we'll discuss how social networks are evolving their content strategies with Jessica Bennett, editorial director at Tumblr, and Daniel Roth, executive editor at LinkedIn, in a live Q&A on Google+. Tune in at 3 p.m. ET by viewing the video above.

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How To Stay Safe On Social Media [Infographic]

112987077Over 1 billion people around the world are actively using Facebook, and many of those as well as millions of more people are using the several other popular Social Media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram on a daily basis as well.

Just like exchanging information by any other means, such as by email or phone, transferring information over the internet can put your personal and financial data at risk of being stolen or compromised.

Check out the infographic to learn about the right ways of using Social Media, and how to keep your information safe on those sites.

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Tradeo Is a Social Network for Financial Traders

Tradeo Is a Social Network for Financial TradersFinancial traders are now jumping on the social media bandwagon on a new social trading network that enables foreign exchange traders to connect to their peers, as well as groups of brokers. Called Tradeo, the service allows users to access data feeds and analytics, monitor sentiment across the community, and execute trades online.

"Tradeo has become the place where traders meet. We launched the platform in response to a clear appetite from the financial community to use new media communications channels to help make decisions. Tradeo is for traders frustrated by limited access to quality and real-time market data," says Jonathan Adest, chief executive of Tradeo in Tel Aviv.

Functionality includes market analytics, pricing and charting information, quotes, financial calendars, news, and the ability to monitor trends and set limits. Members can also share views and get feedback from their peers on the trades they execute. Like social media site Facebook, FX traders now have the ability to 'befriend', 'chat', 'like', comment on issues, and vote in polls.

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Skype 6.0 Unveils Microsoft, Facebook Integration in Update

Skype 6.0 Unveils Microsoft Facebook Integration in UpdateSkype has released a new version of its desktop VoIP client, Skype 6.0, for Mac and Windows.

The latest version includes integration with Facebook and Microsoft accounts, which means users can now log onto Skype using their Facebook or Microsoft credentials.

Users can now also instant message their Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook.com contacts using Skype. Audio and video calls to Windows Live Messenger contacts via Skype is not yet available, but Skype promises that it's coming "soon."

Skype for Windows adds six more languages to its repertoire: Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak. It also introduces a refreshed UI and improved telemetry.

The Mac version gives users the ability to open chats in multiple windows, and also provides them with Retina display support.

5 Tips to Empower your E-mail Marketing

112987077Email is has proven to be a very effective way to drive engagement with consumers. Here are five things to ask yourself in order to create an email campaign that will drive maximum engagement.

1. Is it Easy on the Eyes?

Make sure that you have less text that is spaced out and that your content is highlighted. Reduce the fine print to what is required and put in pictures that are relevant. Pictures help break the monotony of reading and help with cognition. Design your email well — think about putting pictures in a frame, they need to look pleasing. But don't stop with the email. Create a mobile version, and do not forget about your landing page.

2. Is Your Subject Line Compelling?

The goal of your subject line is to draw in the consumer. Use powerful words and sentences that inspire action. These types of words and phrases include, "proven," "exclusive," "limited number," "two more days," "for our platinum segment" and "advanced tips."

Remember to test your subject line — first with your team, then conduct an A/B test before launching to the entire list.

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