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When Popularity Turns Bad: 5 Things to Remember When Dealing With Criticism of Your Content

criticism socialmediopolisYesterday I jumped into #InfluenceChat on Twitter for a bit. The topic was criticism that the Kony 2012 video is receiving. If you are like me and have not seen the video yet, it's apparently the most viral video of all time.

That's meant a lot of sudden exposure to the organization behind the video, Invisible Children, and a lot of criticism. Critics have said the video oversimplifies the current state of affairs in Uganda, and there's also been questions about how the organization/charity spends its money. And there have even been rumors that the video's creator, Jason Russell, has suffered a mental breakdown due to the criticism the film has received.

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How Fed-Ex Responded to a Customer’s Viral Video…With Its Own Video [Case Study]

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It really is the doomsday scenario for a big brand, in this case, Fed-Ex. One customer has a horrible experience with a delivery. A computer monitor is 'delivered' when the Fed-Ex driver casually tosses the monitor over the customer's gate. Even though the customer was at home. And the front door was wide open. And the customer filmed the delivery. And yes, he posted it on YouTube.

The video has been viewed over 8 million times by now, and was seen on numerous TV stations and shows. Now if this was your company, how would you respond? Would you respond? To its credit, Fed-Ex responded 2 days later with its own video.

Here's what I love about the video and the post on Fed-Ex's blog...

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7 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

content marketing strategy socialmediopolis

As marketers, we know that the best way to generate quality leads for our businesses is by creating great content. A strong content marketing strategy offers informational and educational materials to interested readers, allowing them to learn more about your industry, your company, and your product or service, and hopefully become prospective customers.

Not to mention, it also provides a great opportunity to create more ways to engage your website visitors and social media followers. But while it is extremely important, having a good content strategy isn't always easy. Here are 7 reasons your content strategy might not be generating leads as effectively as it should be.

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10 Ways to Use Psychology to Lure Web Customers

psychology socialmediopolis

I've been researching and thinking about the psychology of the social web and our Internet relationships.

There are many common psychological techniques you can use in your every day Internet marketing. Here are a few ideas to "psych" your visitors into spending more time on your website and your blog.

1) Social proof is king

In real life, "social proof" is the trappings of society that impart influence. A person's height, a fancy car, a diploma ... all help determine influence, subconsciously. Since we don't have those physical clues in the online world, we look to "badges" like Twitter followers and Klout scores to provide a shortcut assessment...

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Google's Pending Algorithm Update to Penalize Over-Optimized Content

Google algorithm socialmediopolis

Last week during a SXSW panel, Matt Cutts, head of Google's search spam team, announced that Google has been working on a new tweak to its algorithm that will punish sites that are too optimized for SEO -- what he called "over-optimized" or "overly SEO'd," according to the recording of the announcement posted on Search Engine Land.

Here's what you need to know about the new Google algorithm update, which has not been released yet but will go live in the next few weeks, according to Cutts' announcement.

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Setting Your Plate

setting your plate socialmediopolis

When you wake up, what are the first actions you take? If you're like most people who read this blog, you probably reach for your phone or iPad and check your email, texts, tweets, and other notifications. You might do this before most anything else. It's probably habit by now.

But consider it: what you're doing is letting other people's thoughts and opinions into your head before you've had a moment to consider your own. You're letting the world set your plate for you, and pick your breakfast thoughts. You're setting yourself up to have to react to whatever you encounter.

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