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Seriously cool: A free social media listening tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

bottlenose-logoOur mission is to organize the world's attention.

Bottlenose is a real-time discovery engine for the social web. It measures what the crowd is paying attention to, so you can discover and focus on what's important now.We are used by individuals and organizations to keep up with news and interests, gain live insights, and engage in real-time.

Welcome to the Stream

We are in a new era of the Internet. It's not about static Web pages anymore, it's about social networks, messages, conversations, and constantly flowing data. We call this the Stream.

As the Stream has emerged, the driving force of online attention has shifted from search to discovery, and from the Web to social networks. But social networks have also become increasingly noisy; it's getting harder to find the good stuff in all the chatter.

How do we make sense of this new landscape? How do we filter signal from noise in the Stream?

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Twitter Followers For Sale -- $17 for 1,000

birdieLet's say you're new to social media. You use it in a professional capacity. You want to have a substantial Twitter following so that you can look impressive and attract even more followers. Do you:

A)   Work hard at building your online presence, slog through tweets and retweets, cruise popular hashtags, think of interesting, insightful things to say and give people real reason to want to subscribe to your feed.

B)   Shell out a couple of bucks.

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Google Slaps $100M Golden Handcuffs On Wildfire To Retain Employees After $350M Acquisition

86796573After buying social marketer Wildfire for $350 million, Google wants to ensure it keeps earning money and the employees don't bail. That's why Google set up $100 million in earn-outs and retention bonuses, multiple sources confirm. One, an investor I spoke to directly, verified the $350 million price tag we published last week and that the golden handcuffs amount to $100 million, twice the $50 million we and others expected.

The $450 million should be enough to inspire Wildfire's daring founders Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard to keep leading the 400 employee team who love them. [Update: The $350 million + $100 million has seemingly been confirmed by positive reactions to this article by Wildfire employees without any dispute of the numbers.] With fat-wallet enterprise giants Salesforce and Oracle having bought the startup's rivals, the bountiful bonuses should prevent Wildfirers from straying to competitors or seeking new adventures in startup-land.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

105705811Once your startup hits the market, there's reason to celebrate — but this is only the beginning. The next step is growth, either indirectly through user acquisition or by bringing in additional customers. You know your product is performing well and has a few happy users or customers, so how do you get the word out?

The challenges faced by early-stage startup are unique. There is no existing user base to piggyback on with network dynamics and little data to determine the most effective entry points that lead to a paying customer. Also, many startups are too small to bring on a PR staff, and most founders are not educated in the best tactics for reaching out to media. The good news is that social media can enable you to reach potential customers without depending on traditional outlets, and sometimes these tactics will work hand-in-hand.

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Twitter Petition

92274174Twitter is looking to stamp out their third party developers by closing off their API... this is REALLY bad news for Social Media Marketers in particular because of the usage we all get from beloved third party apps like Hootsuite, Tweetbot, etc. etc. - pretty much anything out there thatisn't run by Twitter themselves...

So far, Twitter has NOT proven to be very friendly to Social Media Marketers - not allowing for scheduling posts and etc. - and this could be completely detrimental to us but also to an entire INDUSTRY of Third Party app developers whom, most of us can agree, do a  better job of tailoring to our needs as business owners and social media marketers than Twitter ever will. It's just not Twitter's focus like it is for these companies I've mentioned.

Click here ----->  Sign the petition today!

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Listening To Social Media Cues Doesn't Mean Ceding Control

120984901"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is." - Scott Cook, co-founder, Intuit

"Our head of social media is the customer." -  Unknown spokesperson, McDonald's

These social media adages are scary enough to give any CMO the chills. The lifeblood of online marketing before the Age of the Consumer has centered around control – of brand, user experience, messaging, conversations.  Marketers have been told countless times over the last few years that social meant the end of control. You were told that no longer would your users linger on your carefully manicured website, absorbing your delicately crafted messaging as they click on products and articles. You were told that consumers now had the power, and, in some ways, that has become the reality. But that's not the whole story. Social business has evolved to the point to where marketers are taking back their brands and, by using social infrastructure, they are reaching, understanding and influencing their customers like never before.

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