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Twitter Expands its $99 Per Month 'Promote Mode' to More Users

twitter expands its 99 per month promote mode to more users

After announcing a test of a new, $99 per-month profile promotion option back in July, Twitter’s now expanding access to the option, with all users in the US and UK able to use ‘Promote Mode’ to give their profile a boost.

It works like this – through Promote Mode, users pay a flat fee to have their tweets promoted, with Twitter automating the promotion element. You just tweet as you normally would, and Twitter will promote each of your tweets to potentially interested users, based on your selected targeting.

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5 things I did to get 80,000+ followers on LinkedIn

5 things i did to get 80000 followers on linkedin

With more than 500 million global users, there's no denying that LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business professionals. When used wisely, LinkedIn can be a great place to not just connect with influencers and business professionals from around the globe, but also build a loyal following for your brand.

I've been giving LinkedIn a more dedicated focus for the past two years, and within a few months of applying myself, I managed to make it to the Top Voices on LinkedIn for 2016. In addition to this, I've also gained more than 80,000+ followers, which has lead to various opportunities.

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Facebook's Adding a New Option to Help Advertisers Maximize their Ad Budgets

facebooks adding a new option to help advertisers maximize their ad budgets

Facebook’s providing a new way for advertisers to better optimize their ad spend by automatically allocating more of their ad budget to their highest performing ads.

Called ‘Campaign Budget Optimization’, the new option is aimed at smaller businesses who need to more closely monitor their ad spend, but are also looking to run multiple ad sets.

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Facebook Provides Tips on How to Avoid Ad Under-Delivery in the Holiday Period [Infographic]

facebook provides tips on how to avoid ad under delivery in the holiday period

Facebook has been publishing a range of tips on their Advertising Blog ahead of the holiday season, ranging from ad bidding, making best use of the Facebook Pixel to utilizing Dynamic Ads.

While most of these are general overviews (all are helpful, mind you, with some great tips in each post), they have also included some interesting graphics and process reminders which are of particular relevance.

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Instagram Now Lets You Post Any Content to Stories, Even if it's Older than 24 Hours

instagram now lets you post any content to stories even if its older than 24 hours

Instagram has rolled out a new change for Instagram Stories which enables users to upload any photo or video content from their camera roll for their Story, even if that content is older than the previous 24 hour limit.

Instagram has been testing the expanded threshold for the last few months - some users reported seeing access to content from the last week in their Stories options back in September.

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Microsoft Adds New LinkedIn Resume Creation Integration into Word

microsoft adds new linkedin resume creation integration into word

While Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn hasn’t lead to a raft of major external changes at either company, the tech giant’s slowly building in more integrations, which hint at what may be coming from the pairing.

The latest Microsoft/LinkedIn merging is a new tool called Resume Assistant in Microsoft 365, which will help users when creating their resume by offering real-world, professional insights direct from LinkedIn.

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