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It’s Showtime: How to Integrate Social Media into Your Tradeshow Strategy

its showtime how to integrate social media into your tradeshow strategy

Tradeshows and events play a significant role in the marketing mix of many businesses, providing a hands-on opportunity to knowledge-share, network, and showcase your brand’s latest and greatest / best and brightest.

A great example of this is, of course, the buzz Twitter generated from its launch during South By Southwest way back in 2007.

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How to Utilize Social Data to Enhance Your Marketing Process [Infographic]

how to utilize social data to enhance your marketing process

One of the key advantages of social media marketing is data, and the ability to utilize the information stored on the various networks to better personalize your communications, improving relevancy, and likely response.

But how can you use the available data effectively, and what should you be looking for to improve your outreach?

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5 Ways to Increase Thought Leadership and Build Trust

5 ways to increase thought leadership and build trust

The concept of “thought leadership” tends to get thrown around a lot, especially in the realm of digital marketing. Depending on who you talk to, it could either be an objective to achieve, a reputation to aspire for, or a career-defining condition. Exactly how does one get there, though?

And is there really a proven process for attaining a reputation for thought leadership?

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Google Provides New Ways to Enhance Your Brand's Appearance in Search

google provides new ways to enhance your brands appearance in search

Google’s looking to make it easier for businesses to manage their Google listings, with a new option to manage how your company appears in Google search direct from the search results themselves.

As you can see here, new options have been added which enable you to edit your info, add photos and create mini-posts (more on those here) all direct from the search listing.

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The Most Important B2B Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]

the most important b2b digital marketing statistics for 2017

Are you looking to give your social media marketing strategy a push for the last stretch of 2017?

If you're in the B2B sector, this infographic from Bubblegum Search is for you - it covers a range of key digital marketing stats for B2B brands, highlighting opportunities, trends and ideas worthy of your attention.


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How to Use Social Media to Stay in Touch Before, During, and After a Disaster

how to use social media to stay in touch before during and after a disaster

I'm writing this article from Beaverton Oregon, one of the tech suburbs of Portland. As I do so, my wife and our family are still trying to get updates on family members in Houston area nursing homes to make sure they're alright in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We're also thinking about friends of ours in Palm Beach Florida, in the path of Hurricane Irma.

But, frankly, we're more focused on our local disaster. The Eagle Creek Fire which has, over the course of four days, lit over 20,000 acres of the Columbia Gorge on fire, and crossed the Columbia River.

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