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Hootsuite Acquires Social Marketing Tool AdEspresso

hootsuite acquires social marketing tool adespressoVancouver-based Hootsuite has announced the acquisition of AdEspresso, which allows small and medium-sized businesses to split test every aspect of their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

In a statement, Hootsuite said that the acquisition of AdEspresso – a global Facebook ad partner — will allow the company to sit at the nexus of $500 million in annualized social spend. The social media management platform has expressed an interest in becoming a go-to social marketing solution for businesses. AdEspresso by Hootsuite will continue as a self-service ads management product for businesses.

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SocialMediopolis On Career Experts' Top Newsletters

Top marketing newsletters article final

Career Experts has honored us with a mention in their 'top newsletters' blog post. We would like to return the favor by recommending you sign up for their newsletter full of great career advice, tips, etc. -- sign up here

Whether you’re a keen marketer who wants to stay on trend and hone your skills or a business leader looking to develop your marketing strategy, these top marketing newsletters are for you.

While clogging up your inbox with newsletters can be annoying and counter-productive, signing up for 2-3 valuable and industry-relevant ones will be hugely beneficial for your career. We’ve listed some of our favourite, top marketing newsletters below for you to choose from. 

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6 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

6 instagram rules improve social articleVisual content is a key element to your social media marketing strategy.

In fact, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images and receives more social shares. This statistic is for real, proving that having a visual content plan is vital to attracting qualified prospects to your funnel in generating leads and increasing exposure.

And with over 600 million active users, Instagram is now a key consideration - not only is the platform buzzing with your target audience, it’s an ideal option for executing your visual strategy. Top brands are successfully using Instagram to boost their brand image, foster follower relationships, and increase revenue. Including Instagram in your digital marketing strategy can accelerate real growth in your business.


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Top 3 Mistakes That Could Be Affecting Your Social Media Success

top 3 social mistakes articleSocial media marketing has been around for years now, with businesses of all sizes using it to increase their brand awareness and to connect with their audiences. However, as with any emerging market, mistakes are being made that could be affecting your social media success. In this blog post, I’m going to share 3 of the top mistakes I’ve noticed marketers and businesses falling into, affecting the success of their social media efforts.

1. Mistake no. 1: No planning or strategizing 

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Email Marketing: More Important Than Ever

email marketing jennifer daly articleAs we move forward into the future of marketing, we’re focusing on things like organic search, social media, and mobile devices. Does this mean we should be leaving email behind as an archaic form of communication? Absolutely not. In fact, email marketing is more valuable now that it’s ever been. Today we’ll look at some incredible statistics surrounding this type of marketing, and follow that with three compelling reasons why email should be in your list of top marketing strategies.

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Top Annoying Social Media Habits to Avoid

Annoying Social Media Habits To AvoidThese days, having a stellar social presence is essential for online business growth, but simply creating profiles, getting followers, and posting whatever you want, whenever you want, isn’t enough to get there. There must be strategy, of course, but even when you operate within a strategy, there are a few things you can still get wrong. These are the top annoying social media habits I’ve seen brands committing regularly across social media – and I’m here to tell you to stop, right now. Even if you think you’re doing your brand some good, believe me, you’re not.

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