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Facebook Rolls Out New Information Tools to Help Reduce the Spread of Fake News

facebook reports facebook stories usage begins testing of stories ads

Facebook has announced the latest steps in its efforts to stop the spread of fake and misleading news on the platform, releasing a new, 12-minute video on their back-end processes, along with several explainers, and a new website dedicated to providing oversight into the News Feed process.

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The Speed of the Social Feed [Infographic]

your social media clean up checklist

At the recent Social Shake-up event in Atlanta, Jason Dailey, US Agency Partner Development Lead at Facebook highlighted how quickly things are changing, and the speed at which people now demand to ingest content.

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Facebook Launches New Tools for Groups, Improving Functionality and Potential

facebook adds new elements to ads manager helping to compare campaign performance

Facebook has been putting increased emphasis on groups of late, with The Social Network seeing them as a way to keep users more engaged, while also enabling a level of user moderation, lessening the load for Facebook’s internal moderation team.

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Google Provides New Options in Google Trends, Boosting Utility

gmail hacks and tricks to boost productivity

Google has updated its Google Trends tool with a range of new visualization tools and search features to help make it a more comprehensive and helpful tool.

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Facebook Updates Two-Factor Authentication Options to Improve Account Security

facebook adds three new options to facebook stories as stories usage continues to climb

Facebook is adding new measures to improve account security, with additional two-factor authentication options now available to all users.

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Design Matters: How Color and Typography Influence Customers [Infographic]

design matters how color and typography influence customers

There are a lot of posts about the influence of color on customer and website visitor behavior, and the specifics of what each color means and communicates about your brand.

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