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The Pros and Cons of Twitter's New 280 Character Limit [Infographic]

the pros and cons of twitters new 280 character limit

So, you’ve heard that Twitter is allowing longer tweets - but is that good news or bad news for you and your business?

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Facebook's Adding New Cover Slideshows for Pages

facebooks adding new cover slideshows for pages

Here’s a quick one – following on from their addition of cover videos for Pages, rolled out to most Pages earlier this year, Facebook is now also enabling Pages to add Cover Slideshows to showcase their business and build more engaging Pages.

Of course, you do also have to consider how many people are actually coming to your Page at all – most Pages see the majority of their Facebook traffic coming from news feeds, not from Page visits, so it may be the case that spending too much time sprucing up your Page could provide little benefit.

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5 Ways Social Media Monitoring can Enhance Your eCommerce Efforts

5 ways social media monitoring can enhance your ecommerce efforts

Social media monitoring - or social media listening as it’s also sometimes called - is a way to collect real-time mentions of predefined keywords from the online sources.

The best social media monitoring tools gather data from a range of online sources: social media platforms, blogs, forums, news sites, and websites, etc.

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What is the Ultimate Number to Use in Your Blog Post Titles? [Infographic]

what is the ultimate number to use in your blog post titles

So, you know list blog posts are great for generating traffic, but is there an ideal number to use in your title?

Various studies have been conducted on this, providing a range of considerations and conclusions.

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Instagram Tests a New Option for Users to Follow Specific Hashtags

instagram tests a new option for users to follow specific hashtags

Instagram’s testing out a small, but significant new function, which could have varied implications for social media marketers.

As reported by social media consultant Pippa Akram, Instagram is now letting some users follow hashtags, in addition to profiles.

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8 Tweet Ideas for Twitter's 280 Character Limit

8 tweet ideas for twitters 280 character limit

Twitter’s 280 character limit has now been rolled out to everyone. In this post I’ll give you a few tweet ideas on how you can use the new update for your brand or business.

Personally, I really liked the 140 character limit, and after being in this industry for some time, I'd gotten good at chopping down long-form text to fit the platform's restrictions. I loved the challenge, and I also think it's been a big part of the appeal of Twitter - you know you're logging on to short thoughts and not long rants.

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