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92274174Twitter is looking to stamp out their third party developers by closing off their API... this is REALLY bad news for Social Media Marketers in particular because of the usage we all get from beloved third party apps like Hootsuite, Tweetbot, etc. etc. - pretty much anything out there thatisn't run by Twitter themselves...

So far, Twitter has NOT proven to be very friendly to Social Media Marketers - not allowing for scheduling posts and etc. - and this could be completely detrimental to us but also to an entire INDUSTRY of Third Party app developers whom, most of us can agree, do a  better job of tailoring to our needs as business owners and social media marketers than Twitter ever will. It's just not Twitter's focus like it is for these companies I've mentioned.

Click here ----->  Sign the petition today!

I urge you to please sign the petition below and pass it around as this is a 'no-joking' matter and it is something that is extremely urgent. Please pass this message around to everyone you know and urge them to also petition Twitter to NOT close down their third party API. 

We need the freedom to choose what apps we want to use! Nevermind the fact that this will only hurt Twitter as it limits their capabilities. (Can you imagine if Apple decided to shut down their API/SDK to third party app developers and ONLY allow Apple approved / created apps on their App store? That would kill an entire eco-system of third party app developers as well as destroy the popularity of their iPhone/Pod/Pads.

Let's work together to urge Twitter NOT to ruin an entire eco-system of third party app developers and save our favorite Social Media Marketing companies that are unbelievable arrows in our quiver for getting our jobs done right! Together we can do it!

Click here ----->  Sign the petition today!

PLEASE share this with friends / co-workers / everyone you know! This is absolutely critical to the future of Social Media Marketing!

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