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Social Data – The Key to Supercharging Your ROI [Sponsored]

facebook explains data collection from non users to quell concerns

Are you using marketing strategies from a few years ago, or even a few months ago? That’s not going to win any Superbowls and it’s definitely not winning customers. Keeping up to date with the best practices for utilizing social data is a critical must-do for campaign success.

A social media campaign that isn't planned around social data today sounds unwise (and it is) but it's more common than we’d all like to think.

This ‘Social Playbook’ campaign guide from Sysomos will take you through several must know steps and processes for making sure that you develop marketing campaigns that have relevant and real time social data at their core. You'll get best practices for utilizing social data that can be used in all of the planning, measuring, and follow up stages of your campaigns.

You’ll learn valuable strategies like:

  • Campaign Research 101
  • Amplifying Your Campaigns w/ Targeted Paid Social Media
  • Realizing the best possible ROI
  • Validation of Your Approach for Pivoting Future Campaigns, and more…

Get your campaign playbook: http://bit.ly/SocialMedPlaybook

Are you looking for a social research engine to help you plan and measure your campaigns more effectively? Sign-up for a 14-day ‘Sysomos Search’ trial and enjoy the flexibility to search social data like you search the web. Quickly make sense of mass amounts of social data related to your campaigns, and surface only the important insights that make for smarter business decisions and bottom line impacts. Trial available here: http://bit.ly/SysSearchTrial

Here’s to your success,

Mike Crosson
Moderator & Publisher


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