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  • Brand New 2018 State of Marketing Report – Best Buy, GE, Google and 1000+ Marketers [Sponsored]

Brand New 2018 State of Marketing Report – Best Buy, GE, Google and 1000+ Marketers [Sponsored]

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Marketers are faced with an increasing pressure to cut through the noise and impress their customer. Incite Group gets to the bottom of where exactly marketers are spending their time and money, and what should be on your priority list for 2018.

This brand new State of Marketing Report will give you in-depth insight on the key issues and opportunities your peers see in 2018, and new statistics to benchmark your own performance against.

Best Buy, Mattel, GE, Papa Johns, Google and more all contributed! Download the exclusive State of Marketing here: http://bit.ly/StateofMktg2018


The 20+ page briefing covers:

  1. The Hot Topics for Marketers in 2018: Uncover which topic has overtaken personalization, and what has dropped off marketer’s priorities for 2018
  2. Investment for 2018: Discover how marketing executives are spending their budget in 2018, and a breakdown of spend across creative, insights, attribution and more.
  3. 53% Voted ‘not important’ for 2018: Find out what has dropped of in-house marketer’s radar and what they will focus on instead
  4. Measuring Content Success, Content Distribution, Content for Brand Awareness, Brand Consistency: Find out how marketers are prioritizing their content strategy for 2018

Access your exclusive whitepaper copy here at no charge: http://bit.ly/StateofMktg2018

Here’s to your success,

Mike Crosson
Moderator & Publisher


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