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Your 2018 Marketing Calendar [Infographic]

your 2018 marketing calendar

As the festive season approaches, many marketers are asking themselves the same question: 'When is the perfect time to release holiday ads?'

Calculating the right time to launch seasonal ads has always been tricky, and it varies depending on the festivity in question. For instance, Christmas ads are normally prepared months in advance, while Mother’s Day promotions can usually be turned around within a month.

To help, AdEspresso has put together a 2018 marketing calendar to help solve these seasonal marketing headaches. The infographic provides an overview of when you should be ready to launch each stage of your marketing campaign - from the initial planning stage, right up to the optimum time to increase your online ad spend.

Bookmark this for reference.


your 2018 marketing calendar infographic


Article and image(s) via Social Media Today


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