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How To Make Your Infographics Mobile-Friendly

how to make your infographics mobile friendly

We've all been there: Twisting and double-tapping our phone screens to be able to make out the information packed into a snazzy looking infographic.

As marketers, we often cringe and bear it when we put out an infographic, knowing it'll easily entertain desktop users but require mobile users to work a little harder to glean the information.

So how can you ensure all users get the best experience with that infographic you've worked so hard to create?

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Follow these 3 critical steps.

1) Break it up

Create individual cuts of the infographic that are easy to scan, digest, and shareable. This "teasing" helps mobile users consume more of the infogrpahic, with less swiping and zooming it. It also incentivizes social sharing. Try breaking up the infographic into a variety of sizes for easy sharing across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (a favorite destination of infographics).

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2) Bigger is better

Allow mobile users to get a few data nuggets from the overall infographic by calling out a few stats in bigger fonts and imagery.

how to make your infographics mobile friendly 03

This also follows the best practice of less is more. And a great infographic shouldn't have a wall of text (big or small) anyway! "Many infographics are so complicated that I’d rather read a chunk of well-written copy" - Kira Lauber on MarketingDonut

3) Get responsive

While manipulating the long layout form may work, time and resources may be better used by creating a responsive infographic webpage. Lemonly, an infographic design company, says "instead of creating 230 different layouts, responsive design lets you create one layout that fits itself automatically on the screen it is displayed."

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Bonus: by building a responsive infographic, your information and images can be crawled by search engines. SEO for the win.



Article and image via Social Media Today


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