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  • The Three Flavors of LinkedIn Matched Audiences [Infographic]

The Three Flavors of LinkedIn Matched Audiences [Infographic]

the three flavors of linkedin matched audiences

LinkedIn has been working to update and refine its ad targeting options in recent months, adding in new ways to better focus your LinkedIn ads to reach the right people at the right time.

Among those updates, Linkedin has:

  • Expanded their demographic reporting tools, while also adding auto-generated recommendations in order to help boost campaign performance
  • Added lead generation forms which offer improved data accuracy by providing information direct from user profiles
  • Announced their new ‘Website Demographics’ process, which can provide a range of insights into who’s visiting your website, based on their listed LinkedIn data

They also added ‘Matched Audiences’ back in April, LinkedIn’s own variation of retargeting, with three options available to help better focus your LinkedIn ad efforts. Those three options are the focus of a new infographic from LinkedIn, which looks at how business can use Matched Audiences to maximize their ad efforts (while also keeping in line with LinkedIn’s affection for food-themed graphics).

LinkedIn’s insights and tools are getting smarter – worth considering in your process.


the three flavors of linkedin matched audiences infographic


Article and image via Social Media Today


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