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Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017 [Infographic]

top 8 web design trends for 2017

Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern day highly competitive environment - a website is usually the first source of information on everything, including the products or services of a company. But web design trends and techniques have been changing fast over the years amidst ever-increasing competition to catch the users’ attention.

Web designers are under pressure to create unique websites which can deliver a brand message in a precise manner - and fast, particularly on mobile devices. This is the chief reason why designers continue to experiment with elements, such as interactive videos, images, and illustrations.

In 2017, many web design trends from the last year have continued, along with a renewed emphasis on finding something fresh which can excite users.


top 8 web design trends for 2017 infographic


Article and image via Social Media Today


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