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5 Big Marketing Budget Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

5 big marketing budget mistakes to avoid

There’s a heap of advice online about what you should do to maximize your marketing budget, but there are fewer posts about what not to do.

That’s the impetus behind this new infographic from MDG Advertising, who’ve looked at a range of research reports and studies to come up with a listing of the key elements where marketers most commonly slip-up in their marketing plan.

Their five core areas of concern are:

  1. Beginning with bad data
  2. Failing to coordinate with sales
  3. Under-investing in proven workhorses
  4. Underestimating the speed of change
  5. Evaluating too little, too infrequently

There’s a lot of interesting, and valid, points made in this listing – a worthy read for all marketers, but social media and digital marketers in particular. Yes, you should always maintain awareness of the latest new features and new opportunities to boost your brand awareness, and ideally, sales, but there are some core elements you always need to take into account, as detailed in the below graphic.


5 big marketing budget mistakes to avoid infographic


Article and image via Social Media Today


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