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How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Engagement with Followers

how to use facebook live to increase engagement with followers

Did you know that people are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been prerecorded? Facebook Live is generating tons of engagement on news feeds...and brands are taking notice.

Live streaming allows you to genuinely connect with your audience and foster relationships that quickly builds trust. It captures attention, draws viewers in and moves them to action.

Facebook Live can be a huge asset to your social media marketing. Because it’s proven to boost brand awareness and engage followers, you can leverage this tool to promote your message and drive traffic to your websites. In fact, here are three simple yet profound tactics to achieving these goals in your marketing.

#1 Take Viewers Backstage

Live streaming allows you to invite your viewers into your world -- in real-time. Events that were once private are now easily accessible with Facebook Live. Taking your viewers behind-the-scenes creates transparent experiences, bringing a level of authenticity to your content.

Give your social followers a taste of your brand by bringing them backstage. Invite them to the holiday party, conference meeting, company BBQ or office shenanigans with Facebook Live.

#2 Report Breaking News

Keep your followers abreast of trending and industry related news by going live. Being viewed as a reliable source further cements your credibility and expertise in your niche. It also attracts followers to your content because they know they’ll get the latest happenings from you.

When reporting breaking news, be sure to give your insight and opinion on the matter. Initiate conversation by asking for their feedback in the comments to boost engagement.

#3 Promote Your Recent Blog Post

Repurposing was a top content marketing strategy in 2016 and remains to be highly effective today. Facebook Live gives your followers another way to digest your blog content that appeals more to their interest.

By highlighting a few key pointers from your post, you can direct viewers back to the original post to drive traffic. Live video works well because your viewers can ask questions for better understanding.

Additionally, if your website is optimized for leads, you’ll increase your email subscribers because you’re generating quality traffic that has already expressed a level of interest in your brand by attending your Live show.

So this is a power-packed strategy; you’ll increase engagement by opening the floor for questions during your broadcast, participants will visit your website to get the full blog article, and visitors will be presented with opportunities to opt into your list. It’s simply a win-win!


Facebook Live can be a real winner in your social media marketing. Choose 2-3 tactics and include them in your strategy. Test your results to discover what resonates most with your audience. By implementing these tips, you’ll experience an increase in brand awareness, boost engagement with your followers, and drive ongoing traffic to your website.



Article and image via Social Media Today


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