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Instagram Influencer Rates and Engagement [Infographic]

instagram influencer rates and engagement

With influencer marketing on the rise, one of the key questions is how much should you be paying your influencers? And be extension, how much, exactly, are influencers actually making from their posts?

The team at influence.co have sought to provide some perspective, analyzing their data pool of 2,885 influencers to provide a range of insights into average influencer post rates by follower count, average rate by vertical, engagement rates and more.

It's an interesting overview of the influencer marketplace - while not definitive, the numbers here do give some indication of what influencers are actually earning, and what you might expect to pay in a similar influencer arrangement.

Some key insights:

  • As you might expect, size does matter - influencers with a million followers charge around 5.5x more than those with 100k followers
  • But engagement should be a key consideration on combination with reach - influence.co's data shows that accounts with less than 2K followers averaged a 10.7% engagement rate, while those with 1M followers averaged 1.5%
  • Influencers in the United Arab Emirates charge the most at $274/sponsored post

The below infographic provides an overview of the findings - you can read the full report here.


instagram influencer rates and engagement infographic


Article and image via Social Media Today


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