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Pinterest Announces Ad Groups for Campaigns

pinterest announces ad groups for campaignsAs part of their ongoing efforts to evolve the platform into a multi-billion dollar eCommerce machine, Pinterest has announced another update their ad platform, with the introduction of ad groups for campaigns.

If you’ve advertised on almost any other social platform, the structure will be familiar – ad groups enable you to have more control over how your campaigns are run by testing variations of your creative content and focusing on different audiences, while still being able to track your wider campaign performance within one set.

Pinterest notes that with their new ad groups, advertisers will now be able to:

  • Assign budgets and targeting to ad groups - Since each ad group can contain multiple Pins, this allows for better control when testing your performance against various targets and objectives.
  • Align campaign budgets with marketing initiatives - Want to set a budget for a certain geographic region, product line or audience target? Ad groups make it easier to manage specific budgets within a single campaign, while still maintaining lifetime spend caps at the campaign level.
  • Streamline your campaigns across platforms - You may already be using something like ad groups on other platforms, so it may be easier for you to plan and manage all your campaigns in a familiar way.

Pinterest announces ad groups for campaigns

It’s a logical addition for Pinterest, and as noted, one which aligns with their mission to build better, more effective business tools and options. On this front, in the past year Pinterest has rolled out improved buyable pins (there are now more than 60 million buyable Pins on the site), advanced image search capabilities, remarketing and custom audience tools, video Pins and an entirely re-designed mobile app experience.

The platform also reached 150 million monthly active users in October, which may be small when compared to Facebook or Instagram, but it marks a 50% active audience increase within 12 months - so they're clearly doing something right.

Pinterest’s new ad groups are being rolled out to all users from today – you’ll see a notification in ads manager when the new options are available in your region.


This post originally appeared from Social Media Today.

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