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3 Most Under-Utilized Social Media Marketing Tactics

3 most under utilized articleWe're all aware of the many benefits involved with brands successfully utilizing a social media strategy to benefit their marketing communications, with a key contributing factor being that it's essentially free to set-up your social media presence and maintain it going forward.

However, there are additional cost-effective social media tactics that brands are still under-utilizing - check out the top three listed below:



1. Facebook Ads

3 of the Most Cost-Effective Social Media Tactics | Social Media Today

Despite everyone now being aware of Facebook ads, their true potential is still not being maximized in most instances.

Probably the cheapest form of digital marketing you'll ever come across, the great thing about Facebook ads is the ability to target exactly who you want from age and location to job title and marital status.

This is largely due the breadth of data users enter into their profiles when they sign-up – something that Twitter doesn’t have – enabling marketers to structure targeted campaigns around who, exactly, they want to see their ads.

2. Snapchat Filters

3 of the Most Cost-Effective Social Media Tactics | Social Media Today

Still a very underutilized strategy, Snapchat filters pop-up in targeted areas when you swipe to include a filter on Snapchat.

Simple and effective, the correct creative behind a Snapchat filter can drive engagement and brand equity through the roof at only $5 per day, this is a great tactic if your objectives are specifically to reach out to Millennials and new customers within a targeted location.

3. Twitter Ads

3 of the Most Cost-Effective Social Media Tactics | Social Media Today

In comparison to Facebook ads, Twitter ads are a slightly more expensive – however for different reasons. The great thing about the targeting on Twitter, is the ability to target the followers of your competitors and display your ad amongst users tweeting about certain conversations and trending topics, something that Facebook can’t offer.

Although it is worth noting that most of Twitter traffic is via smartphones with over 80% of its users coming from mobile devices – an influential factor when structuring a Twitter ad campaign – Twitter ads may only be worth the trouble for very specific audiences or businesses.

This article originally appeared on Social Media Today

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