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Trending This Week: News Stories on Social Media

TS11-21It’s not officially winter yet, but tell that to Buffalo and the rest of Western New York State which got literally blasted with #Snovember.


Meanwhile, social conversations were heated after Jimmy Kimmel announced People Magazine’s 2014 selection for Sexiest Man of the Year. Jury’s still out on whether Chris Hemsworth deserved it or not, but the social data around this conversation gives us a glimpse into what people are saying (and the other Chris’ that were “robbed”).

(This cover is just... interesting.)

What else have you maybe missed? Well, Snapchat introduced Snapcash (don’t worry, it’s not marketed as exchanging cash for “pics”), Dave & Buster’s posted a Taco Tuesday Tweet that backfired ala DiGiorno’s misuse of an activism hashtag a few months ago, and of course we’ve got your Movember update.

Get ready to dive into the social data!


Western New York is getting whitewashed and been hit with “a year’s worth of snow.” We have seen more than 4,700 mentions of #Snovember and #Snowvember on Twitter relating to the winter weather emergency in that region.

The most popular hashtags include #snovember (2,800+ mentions), #snowvember (600+ mentions), and #buffalo (200+ mentions).

One of the most popular tweets has come from the Buffalo Bills in their response to the NFL’s mention of the snow storm.


People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” news was announced on Jimmy Kimmel this week and the winner was…. Chris Hemsworth aka Thor aka Liam Hemsworth’s older brother. When we looked at the large amount of online conversation for and against the magazine’s bestowing the honor on this particular Aussie actor, we found some intriguing insights.

What we really found interesting was the type of brands and people that capitalized on the news - from Mr. Clean to Piers Morgan.

People Magazine itself is a news outlet but they make themselves a newsmaker when they announce their choice for “Sexiest Man Alive” as numerous business and entertainment media outlets cover the “story” from the WSJ’s Speakeasy blog to the reveal on Jimmy Kimme to the Huffington Post.

The conversation online had reached nearly 50,000 mentions, with more than 47,000 mentions on Twitter. All within about half a day. People Magazine’s announcement was the most popular Tweet in that timeframe, with more than 5,500 RTs. Marvel Entertainment also got in on the action and received more than 900 RTs.

To no one’s surprise, women have held a larger share of voice in the conversation (71%) compared to men (29%).

Conversations mentioning Marvel, Thor, or God of Thunder have also been very popular in conversations around the announcement.

We also took a look at who was upset over the news. We’ve seen nearly 400 mentions of users expressing the following key terms: disappointed, annoyed, annoying, worst, robbed, bs, bullshit, terrible, displeased, or upset.



The official #sexiestmanalive and #chrishemsworth are the top two hashtags used in conversation. #Marvel, #abs, #Kimmel, @sma2014, and #thor also made it into the top hashtags.


Real Mr. Clean has squeaked his way into the conversation with one of the top hashtags #Cuddles.

Not surprisingly, People Magazine is the most mentioned Tweeter, along with E! News, and E! Online. Jimmy Kimmel also received a fair amount of mentions as the news was announced on his show.

Piers Morgan also Tweeted that he missed his name on the list. He has received less than 200 mentions but impressions may be hire based on his actual tweet’s RTs etc.


When people magazine tweeted to ask Twitter users WHO SHOULD be the 2014 sexiest man alive yesterday, people started suggesting Adam Lambert in their responses. The same thing happened when Jimmy Kimmel tweeted to his followers to ask them to guess who it was before he unveiled the results last night on his show. As a result, Adam Lambert was one of the other celebrities who made it into the top conversations. Chris Pratt was also one of the most popular suggestions.

Overall, Chris Hemsworth, People Magazine, and Marvel led the conversations.





Will Snap for cash?

Snapchat announced a partnership with Square this week to introduce Snapcash, a payments feature that lets users transfer money in the Snapchat app. But wait a minute, don’t teens (and adults alike) use Snapchat for ahem, “private” pictures? They sure do.

The Snapcash news has garnered over 83,000 mentions on Twitter. We saw the highest spike in conversation on November 18 (with 53,000 mentions), not long after Snapchat published its blog post.

Overall, much of the conversation seems to be excitement, however some users have expressed concerns on privacy, especially due to recent reports of security breaches. We have also seen more than 2,000 combined mentions of “charging for nudes” and “send nudes,” which seems to have made some consumers a bit hesitant of the new feature and the direction of the app.



Dave and Buster’s #TacoTuesday tweet and delete

To promote its Taco Tuesday, Dave & Buster’s made a pun that did not receive the laughs it hoped for. “I hate tacos, said no Juan ever,” the tweet read briefly, before it was quickly deleted followed by an apology about an hour later.

This obviously isn’t the first time a brand has tweeted before thinking of the potential consequences or backlash.

In September, DiGiorno pizza had a similar social media blunder when it blindly tweeted a response to the domestic abuse hashtag #whyistayed. In the first 48 hours after that tweet, #whyistayed was mentioned in conjunction to DiGiorno in more than 700 tweets and received nearly 18.5 million impressions.

However, Dave & Buster’s #TacoTuesday gaffe has not received the same amount of social media attention. In the first 24 hours since the tweet, #tacotuesday in conversations specifically related to Dave and Buster’s received more than 130 tweets and received nearly 3.5 million impressions.

Here at Brandwatch, we were interested in comparing the two tweets and were surprised to see that Dave & Buster’s did not receive as many impressions or mentions as DiGiorno.

Mo’ Mo’ Movember

Last week, we took a look at the “verified” Twitter mentions and saw that brands like Gillette UK, The Vitamin Shop, and Adidas Baseball had some of the most popular “brand” Tweets for Movember. Those brands have continued to have a presence during the third week of the men’s health campaign.

This week, we have also seen increased brand engagement for Movember from Barbasol and Cheetos:

- Barbasol shaving cream thanked the #MoBros and #MoSistas who are participating in Movember

- Chester Cheetah also posted a picture which announced he was participating in Movember this year

YouTuber Alfie Deyes (@PointlessBlog) is taking part in Movember, and his influence and audience reach has helped to drive engagement. This week, we saw a mention from Star Wars UK who retweeted actor Peter Mayhew, TheWookieRoars.

For No-Shave November, brands like Snickers, Ruffles, and Dairy Queen (a Movember sponsor) participated in the online conversations, however, they have not seen the most engagement.

Here’s a look at the updated social data:

Movember vs. No-Shave November

Both have a presence on social media, but Movember mentions have had a larger share of voice on Twitter for the month so far:

- Movember: more than 485,000 mentions

- No-Shave November: more than 286,500 mentions

Of note, this data is based on a 10% sampling of Twitter mentions found using the Brandwatch Analytics platform. The data numbers have been multiplied to represent the full volume.




Both campaigns included mentions of each other in the top hashtags.

Movember Top Hashtags

Last week, Gillette UK made it into the top hashtags (#bestamancanget) with their give away of Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart’s signed gloves, however the competition was not one of the most mentioned hashtags this week. #win, in relation to other competitions.


No-Shave November Top Hashtags

The second most used hashtag in relation to No-Shave November is #Movember. Terms like beard, beards, beard gang, no shave, mustache, and let it grow are also popular hashtags when discussing the month.


Between the two campaigns, Movember continues to have a larger conversation with tweets including mentions of men’s health (47,000+ mentions), face of men’s health (29,000 + mentions), and changing the face of men (21,000+ mentions).

No-Shave November topics included facial hair, grow a beard, and raise awareness.


Where’d November go?

Thanksgiving is in less than a week, along with it will come Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Before we know it, we’re looking 2015 dead in the eye.

For the last week of November we’ll be providing updated stats on the Movember and No-Shave November campaigns. Not to mention keeping a close eye on viral campaigns (check out our #AlexfromTarget social data in Adweek) and of course the upcoming holiday and shopping seasons.


(Article and body image via Social Media Today)

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