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  • If you wanted a middle ground between Twitter and blogs, Woto is it — and it just raised $800K

If you wanted a middle ground between Twitter and blogs, Woto is it — and it just raised $800K

woto10-6Publishing platform Woto has raised $800,000 (£500,000) as it hopes to become the leader in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites.

The London-based startup lets you easily create standalone pages from scratch when you want — rather than having to set up a whole blog.

The startup says it’s aimed at social sharers who need more than the 140 characters that Twitter offers but less than a full website or blog.

The investment has been led by Ingenious Ventures and also included Galata Business Angels, a Turkish business angel group.

Full control

Launched earlier this year, the platform is currently in beta and the investment will be used to help it launch into the mainstream.

It was founded by two industry veterans, Ian Collins and Ekin Caglar, who wanted to give the creativity not available through traditional social media like Facebook and Twitter back to the users.

With Woto, users have full access to their page’s HTML code as well as other website building tools to give users full control of their page.

They can display content however they want and add as many different components as they choose.

The fifth wave

Co-founder Ian Collins also explained that he hopes Woto will become the next generation of social sharing platform.

Since 1993 we’ve watched four waves – the first was web authoring tools, the second was content management systems, the third was hosted content management systems, and the fourth is social publishing.

Woto is the fifth wave – a space that’s not constrained by a box-sized post or a limited number of characters, that enables serious sharers to shape their own content, easily, and quickly, without limitations.

Caglar added he believes social sharing has become “stagnant” over the past few years.

This investment will be used by Woto to publicly launch, to improve its platform, and for customer acquisition.

This story originally appeared on Tech City News.


(Article and body image via VentureBeat)

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