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Social Media and the End of the World

social media and the end of the world

If we were to believe the Mayan Calendar, we have just days to live as 21st December 2012 is officially the end of the world! Nasa has released a youtube video letting us all know that there is no need to panic! The end of the world is not nigh according to their scientists.
But whether you buy into the hype or not one thing is for sure – We are going to see #Endoftheworld trending on Twitter and a whole host of Social Media buzz about it. Here are my predictions for the last ever day on Social Media:

1. #Everything MustGo

Watch out for those end of the world bargains! For businesses it is a perfect opportunity to jump on the bang wagon and hold an 'End of the World Sale'.

2. Milestone Reached

What a great milestone to add to your facebook page 'I reached the end of the world'. I'm sure we will see this tongue in cheek post across facebook on Friday.

3. Final #FF

So if Friday really was the end of the world it would literally be your last time to #ff – recommend who to Follow on Friday on Twitter, or for my followers my last #SocialMediaStars of the week. This Friday we'll see people #ff-ing their nearest and dearest, or most respected colleagues. You've got a few days left to become end of the world #FF worthy.

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