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The State of Social Media in the Workplace [infographic]

the state of social media in the workplace

Given the ubiquity of social media, it makes sense that company employees are connecting on social, and interacting via digital channels.

For businesses, this can provide a new potential avenue for connection and collaboration – but there are barriers to adoption of professional social connection, particularly among certain demographic groups.

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Facebook Will Roll Out 'Facebook Dating' Later This Year

facebooks working on a powerful new ad targeting option but will it be released

How do you overcome the biggest controversy in your company’s history, and win back increasingly sceptical users?

Launch many shiny new things.

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Instagram Adds New Tools to Help Stamp Out On-Platform Bullying

instagram adds new tools to help stamp out on platform bullying

As Instagram continues to grow, the platform has thus far managed to avoid many of the bullying and abuse issues faced by others - most notably Twitter.

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5 Tips for Generating Leads with Pillar Pages

7 efficient blogging tips that will boost your content roi

Pillar pages are a great way to boost SEO, but they should also mean more than that to your business. Like all marketing activities, pillar page campaigns should help you achieve business goals, and two common goals for pillar page campaigns are to generate leads and acquire customers.

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You Should Probably Change Your Twitter Password

how brands can connect with gamers on twitter

Another day, another data breach.

This time it's Twitter - via a tweet from the Twitter Support handle, the company has confirmed that they recently found a bug which 'stored passwords unmasked in an internal log' - meaning third parties could potentially have accessed them.

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Facebook Previews Streamlined Messenger Layout, Coming Soon to All Users

facebook messenger for offline marketing

Facebook’s looking to make Messenger great again.

Wait… no, simple, Facebook wants to simplify the app, taking it back to its initial messaging roots.

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