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5 Reasons Why We Are Wired to Respond to Visual Marketing [Infographic]

5 reasons why we are wired to respond to visual marketing

We always hear that visuals are a key component in our social media marketing strategy, but why?

The real reason is...science.

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Could Snapchat be Looking to Switch Back to a Chronological Feed?

snap adds new discovery tools to snap map highlighting happening events

Could we be seeing the beginnings of a shift away from algorithms and back to real-time feeds?

Recently, we saw Instagram move to show more recent content in its main feed in response to user criticism of the algorithm-defined listings.

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11 Pro Email Marketing Tips [Infographic]

11 pro email marketing tips

Are you just getting started with an email marketing campaign for your business? Want to tap into the wisdom of professionals who know what they’re doing?

The team from Campaign Monitor share eleven tips from the pros in this infographic.

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The Brand Value of Influencer Marketing in 2018 [Infographic]

the brand value of influencer marketing in 2018

Due to the impact and widespread adoption of influencer marketing, Elizabeth Del Guidice and Jessica Bevilacqua from St. Joseph Communications put together a comprehensive infographic outlining the current and future trends in influencer marketing.

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Facebook's Implementing Disclosure on "Issues Ads", Adding Verification Requirement for Page Managers

facebook expands program to boost reach for local publishers

The changes keep coming at Facebook.

As the company works to address the various concerns in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, they’re rolling out a range of new privacy and transparency tools.

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LinkedIn's Forcing Users to Add Hashtags to Posts, Rolling Out New Profile Format

how sharing more of your personal passions can boost your results on linkedin

Here’s an interesting one.

A while back, LinkedIn started supporting clickable hashtags again, after disabling them for several years due to lack of use and questionable fit on the professional social network.

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