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Snapchat Publishes New Insights into Generation Z [Infographic]

snapchat publishes new insights into generation z

Millennials have been the key demographic of focus for the past few years, but a new generation is now coming into focus. - Generation Z.

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Could Apple's Latest Video Chat and Visual Tools Pose a Threat to Snapchat and Instagram?

could apples latest video chat and visual tools pose a threat to snapchat and instagram

Should Snapchat be concerned?

At their Worldwide Developers Conference this week, Apple has unveiled its latest tools for iOS 12, which include new digital masks, stickers and effects for the native iPhone camera app.

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10 Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing [Infographic]

10 benefits of blogging for business and marketing

Are you considering starting a blog for your business website? Want to fully understand the benefits to you and your business before getting started?

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How a Donor is Like a Customer: A Lesson from the For-Profit World

how to create a viral infographic

What is the difference between a customer and a donor? One buys goods or services from a business, the other gives money to an organization. We tend to treat customers and donors differently, but many nonprofits could benefit from thinking about their donors or members as customers.

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Improve Your ROI ‘Secret Sauce’ Tremendously with This Time-Tested Tactic [Sponsored]

how to manage social media without it taking up all your time

There’s an old saying: “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.” That’s the truth, and the only way to find out is to TEST your theories about what works best!

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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Customer Experience [Infographic]

how artificial intelligence is improving customer experience

The concept of artificial intelligence has captivated humankind’s imagination for centuries, with the idea of creating a non-human entity capable of learning and growing on its own sparking both scientific and ethical debates.

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