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The Great Content Debate: Defining What Online Engagement Really Is

the great content debate defining what online engagement really is

The term “engagement” or “content engagement” is tossed around the blogosphere and in publisher circles around the world, but the stakeholders don't seem to be able to agree on what really defines engagement.

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Instagram Rolls Out 'All Caught Up' Tool, Tests Option to Mute App Notifications

instagram now has a billion monthly active users

Instagram is working on new tools to help ensure that the time users spend in app is 'time well spent', in line with parent company Facebook's broader focus.

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Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for July to Help with Strategic Planning

twitter announces major updates for content discovery and real time alerts

It's a little later than usual, but Twitter has released the latest version of its monthly major events calendar, covering all the key dates to be aware of in July.

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5 Key Benefits of Social Media Listening

employee advocacy best practices for bigger better smarter social media

People are trying to communicate with your organization on social media - but if you're not listening, you can’t hear them.

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Users Who Had Been Blocked on Facebook Messenger May Have Been Unblocked Due to a Bug

facebook adds new data security provisions for custom audience use

The privacy gaffes just keep on coming at Facebook.

With user concerns still at heightened levels following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Russian election meddling, Facebook has reported that a Messenger bug may have enabled previously blocked users to see content from those who'd blocked them for a short period of time last month.

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Key Stats to Understand SEO in 2018 [Infographic]

key stats to understand seo in 2018

Looking to get a better understanding of SEO and how it all works?

This huge infographic from SEO Tribunal outlines a range of key elements, including the history of search optimization, big Google algorithm shifts, an overview of the leading search platforms, big trends, and more.

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