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5 Steps to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Cyber Monday

5 steps to optimize your digital marketing strategy for cyber monday

Cyber Monday is closer than you think. In just a couple weeks, millions of online shoppers will line up to find the best possible deals and get a head start on their holiday shopping.

Are you prepared for the onslaught?

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Pinterest Adds New Discovery Options, Including 'Lens Your Look' and 'Pincodes'

pinterest adds new discovery options including lens your look and pincodes

Pinterest continues to evolve its tools and systems in line with rising usage trends, and in alignment with their mission to become a key hub for eCommerce.

This week, marking the second anniversary of visual search on the platform, Pinterest has announced a new set of search and discovery options, providing additional ways for users to search pins – and for businesses to make better use of their pin presence.

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Facebook Looks to Help Brands Tap into International Business Opportunities with New Tools

facebook looks to help brands tap into international business opportunities with new tools

As part of Facebook’s mission to ‘bring the world closer together’, international expansion, and the removal of borders as boundaries, is a key element in their development. And aside from seeking to better connect communities, providing businesses with new ways to tap into international opportunities is another part of The Social Network’s expanding framework.

Along this line, earlier this year Facebook introduced a new ‘Cross Border Insights’ data tool which highlights key data points and insights on various global markets.

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LinkedIn Expands Lead Gen Forms to Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads

linkedin expands lead gen forms to sponsored inmail and dynamic ads

Earlier this year, LinkedIn added ‘Lead Gen Forms’, a new ad offering which enables advertisers to more easily collect information from users, with the data auto-populated based on their LinkedIn profile.

The lead gen option has proven to be both popular and effective.

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How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids' Social Media Accounts [Infographic]

how to keep an eye on your kids social media accounts

The Internet is more accessible than ever, with smartphones, tablets, and other devices finding their way into younger and younger hands.

But while this accessibility provides a range of benefits, there are potential threats and dangers to consider, which we need to be proactive about.

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Twitter's Testing a New Format for Moments, Which Moves Away from Side Scrolling

twitters testing a new format for moments which moves away from side scrolling

Twitter seems a bit confused about Moments, and what they want it to be.

Actually, no, they’ve been very clear about what they’d like Moments to be from the start – a simplified way to showcase the best of what Twitter has to offer, making it easier for non-users to see why they might want to sign-up.

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