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Social Success Stories: Marketing Lessons from Industry Leaders.

social-success-218Let the top social brands guide to you to social marketing success.

Successful social companies may embrace a variety of practices, philosophies and techniques for using social media effectively. We've broken down the performance of some of the top social brands, including Converse, Whole Foods, NBA, ESPN, Farmers Insurance, and American Express, so you can emulate their success.

You will learn how to

  • Crack the code to the leading brands' social media success.
  • Apply the tactics of top brands into actionable best practices that every brand and marketer can follow to improve their company's social efforts.
  • Achieve and sustain meaningful relationships with your audience.

How did we select these brands as the leaders in the industry?  Awareness consulted the rankings of the most popular brands on The Fan Page List, dubbed as the social media directory of official accounts of your favorite brands, celebrities, movies, TV shows & sports teams. We focused on three industry sectors - retail, services and sports, and reviewed the top ten brands in each of those categories on Facebook and Twitter, using the size of their fan base as a starting point. We then dived into some of top leaders' engagement metrics and strategies.

Download Social Success Stories: Marketing Lessons from Industry Leaders today and learn from the best!

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