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If Facebook marketing is important to you, don’t miss the most important free webinar of the year with Amy Porterfield!

amyporterfield facebook marketing promoThere are literally hundreds of people hawking Facebook marketing programs. They are a dime a dozen. But there is only ONE Amy Porterfield! She is without doubt the world's foremost expert, and she has graciously agreed to do a free webinar exclusively for our Social Media Marketing group.

Amy is a dynamic presenter, incredibly smart and has assembled a killer presentation to update you on all of the new features, functions and technicalities about Facebook marketing. I promise that you will get more out of one webinar with her than you would from ten put on by others!

Check out the agenda here:

Remember, space for the webinar is limited to 1,000 for each time slot (this is a restriction of GotoWebinar, not a fake limit). So be sure to pick the time that is best for you and show up a little early so you don't get bumped out. Reminders will be sent and the event will be recorded for viewing afterwards if you miss the live presentation.

SIGN UP NOW: http://igotowebinar.com/register/371473250/  You're going to be glad you did!

Here's to your success,

Mike Crosson
Moderator & Publisher

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