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SocialMediopolis.com Weekly Newsletter - 12/06/12

Hot Topics in Social Media Marketing

A Content Marketing Checklist for Beginners
Content Marketing... You've heard of it. At least, if you follow social media marketing at all, you should have. It's the hottest topic in the industry right now - and for good reason. Content Marketing is one of the pillars of the inbound marketing philosophy, pioneered by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah co-founders of Hubspot.... Continue reading.

Exactly How Do You Value a Facebook User 'Like'?
I am the farthest thing from a Quant that you will ever meet so I polled some experts in interactive advertising to help me figure out this question: how do you value a Facebook user 'Like'? Is it based on hard data, like purchases, or softer metrics such as user engagement, time spent, referrals, shares or what? There are a lot of data points to consider when working out a specific value.... Continue reading.

Merging Mobile and Social to Humanize Your Brand
We talk a lot about mobile devices as the great enabler in terms of connecting you to your audience anywhere, anytime. By taking advantage of the flexibility mobile offers, combined with the wealth of information sharing and connectivity of social platforms, there is no limit to the relationships you can create with customers; that is, unless don't you create those relationships... Continue reading.

Social Smarketing - Tips on Engagement and Reach
In thinking of what would be a good topic for me to cover in the latest blog post, I decided I'd cover something I consistently see companies fail at doing, nevermind doing well... SMART SOCIAL MARKETING = SMARKETING .. I just made that up - or maybe someone else did, it's hard to be original these days! ;-)... Continue reading.

5 Topics That WILL Get You Fired... (If You're a Social Media Manager)
Brands are expected to have opinions on social media. After all, that's the whole point, right? To humanize your brand and show that it has its own personality? That said, brands are not people, and they shouldn't behave like them. That means that some of the contentious things that people discuss with their networks on social media -- the topics that end up sparking the most heated conversations -- aren't the ones that brands should be adding their two cents on. And they certainly shouldn't be making clever little quips about serious matters..... Continue reading.

Please Stop Using These 15 Words in Your LinkedIn Profile... IMMEDIATELY!
LinkedIn has scoured the profiles of its 187 million members and come up with a new list of overused, useless buzzwords. These are the words that can be an instant turnoff to a recruiter who sees them over and over again because they show that you aren't "dynamic" with great "communication skills," but the opposite... Continue reading.

Weekly Highlighted Special

Free Ebook: A Handbook for Remarkable Holiday Marketing in 2012 - Customers are spending money NOW... here are 47 great ways to maximize Holiday sales

'Tis the season! And you know what that means: It's the busiest time of year for holiday shoppers... and holiday marketers. And the competition is fierce! The online shopping industry is poised to be the most successful sales season ever, as is mobile marketing. But will you get your share? What can you do in such a short amount of time to reach your audience?

Download this free new eBook from our friends at HubSpot to learn how to create a remarkable marketing this holiday season. In just 47 stats, you will be on your way to great holiday campaigns..... Check out more information here.

Social Jobs

Media Sales Director, Midwest - Coupons.com, Inc.
Coupons.com is looking for a Midwest based Media Sales Director to build relationships with digital advertising agencies. The Media Sales Director will report to our VP of Media Sales. We are looking for a self-starter who has strong agency & client relationships. Familiarity with other Midwest markets, CPG, Pharma, Restaurant, and Retail verticals is also a plus. If the idea of representing Coupons.com in an industry-changing environment excites you, then you should join our team.... Continue reading.


Pay Per Click Advertising Specialist - RDW Group, Inc.
We are looking for a part-time, three month position. The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), strong written and verbal skills, and expertise in Google AdWords, Facebook, & LinkedIn/ The PPC Specialist will be responsible for developing, implementing and launching PPC Campaigns for various clients in an array of industries. Experience with Search Engine Optimization is a plus. Knowledge of Excel is required.... Continue reading.

Audience Marketing Manager - Award Winning Media Company
An award winning media company is looking for a digital savvy marketing professional to manage the audience development efforts for 3 controlled circulation print titles and 15 e-mail newsletters. As Audience Marketing Manager, you will also be responsible for maintaining the overall health of the group's audience database. This is a great opportunity to work with a media organization that is at the cutting edge of digital product development and audience acquisition strategies.... Continue reading.

SEO/Social Media Analyst - Carbonated.tv - San Francisco Bay Area
The Social Media Analyst will have a passion for social media; utilize search engine optimization, and more to grow Carbonated' s online presence, providing efficient marketing solutions, and cutting edge strategies to leverage all internet offerings. This person should have a recent track record of wins relatable to improving site traffic significantly (Please be prepared to discuss personal history of challenges driving traffic and how you overcame them), writing case studies that are informative yet enticing, and an understanding of how quantitative and qualitative metrics apply in the social space. Knowledge of the technology industry, as well as deep knowledge of the hottest Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools for Bloggers; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google alerts, YouTube, bit.ly, Integral - just to name a few, is strongly preferred.... Continue reading.

Web Content Manager - Aquent - Columbus, OH.
We are looking for a content builder (someone who has some light code development skills specific to web content management). excellent proofreading skills, ability to work in a team-room environment and someone who has web experience. Deliverables: The deliverables are the ability to use a web content management tool (specifically Tridion) to upload content, images, banners, meta tags etc. to a web site. We need someone with excellent proofreading skills.... Continue reading.

Social Events

SMX Social Media Marketing 2012 - Dec. 4 - Dec. 6, 2012
Paid. Earned. Owned. Master social media marketing at SMX Social Media Marketing. You've got a lot on your plate. Successful social media marketing means sorting through opportunities, demonstrating results to management, and juggling your limited time and resources. Whether you're managing communities or buying social media advertising, SMX Social Media Marketing is your conference. You'll be inspired by experts, meet others with your challenges, and leave confident you'll excel in this fast-paced environment... Continue reading.

Content Success Summit 2013 - Feb. 5 - Mar. 5, 2013
Fast-track your content marketing success. Discover how to attract quality customers and quickly grow your business with content... You'll discover all of the newest strategies, practical tips and real-world examples for using blogs, podcasts, video, webinars, email and online courses to establish marketplace credibility, build a loyal following and explode your growth... Continue Reading.

Social Media Marketing World, San Diego - April 7 - April 9, 2013
Imagine this: A conference that offers outstanding content infused with a truly social experience. In a few words, that explains Social Media Marketing World. You'll experience a unique event that brings you carefully recruited experts who live and breathe social media marketing every day. Only the best.... Continue reading.

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