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11 Reasons Why no One is Watching Your Video Content [Infographic]

11 reasons why no one is watching your video content

Video is a powerful medium for promotion, and has increasingly become a key influencer in sales decisions. But even though you may be creating great video content, that still won't guarantee video marketing success.

You have to do more than just launch a video, you also need to know what your audience wants, where they want to see it, and how to keep them hooked.

Facebook Continues Video Push, Adding New Group Video App and TV-Like Content

facebook continues video push adding new group video app and tv like content

Back in 2014, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would be ‘mostly video’ within five years. Zuckerberg has described video as a ‘mega trend’, of the same magnitude as mobile, which is why they’ve made video a key focus moving forward – and why we can expect to see more video-aligned products and options added to Facebook’s repertoire as the platform advances.

On this, The Verge has reported that one of Facebook’s latest video updates will likely be the addition of a new group video chat app to compete with rising app Houseparty, while they’re also adding a new TV show which will follow the controversial family of new LA Laker Lonzo Ball.

Facebook now gives video publishers more control in how content is seen and distributed

Facebook is rolling out new tools for video publishers. Starting today, the social networking company is introducing enhancements for content creators that include an update to its video upload system and a new Video Library. The company said in a blog post that these offerings will give users better customization and control over their content. These features will be available globally over “the coming weeks.”

LinkedIn Adds New Sticker and Text Options to Spruce Up Your Video Content

linkedin adds new sticker and text options to spruce up your video content

I’m not so sure about this one.

Back in October, LinkedIn announced new, Snapchat-like overlays for videos which give conference attendees the opportunity to add dedicated event frames to the content they post to the platform while attending such functions.