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#Snapchat's daily video views at 10B because of user stories

snapchat storiesSnapchat's video views have grown to 10 billion a day, up from 8 billion in February, according to the company. "People's behavior is changing so that photos are being used as speech instead of a repository for memories," SunTrust Robinson Humphrey's Robert Peck said.

10 Types of ‘Explainer Videos’ You Should Use [Infographic]

10 types of explainer videos you should use

No doubt you've heard this before - video is the medium for social in 2017.

A quick recap:

  • Online video is forecast to account for 74% of all web traffic in 2017
  • More than 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day, while 1.5 billion users log onto YouTube every month
  • Year over year, the time people spend watching video on Instagram is up more than 80% 

10 Ways B2B Marketers Can Incorporate Video into their Content Marketing Strategy

10 ways b2b marketers can incorporate video into their content marketing strategy

If you have access to the internet, it’s likely that you’ve spent (and occasionally wasted) a good chunk of time watching and sharing video content.

The amount of time the average user spends watching digital video more than tripled between 2011 and 2015 - YouTube recently announced that more than a billion hours of video content is watched from their platform every day.

All the statistics make video seem like a no-brainer for any content marketing strategy, but when most of your personal favorite videos feature funny comedians, cute animals, or famous musicians, it can be difficult to imagine what video content would look like for your brand.

2018 Social Media Image and Video Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

2018 social media image and video sizes cheat sheet

Social media platforms are forever changing the image sizes and formats, and it's important to keep up to ensure your business and personal profiles look professional and present the best first impression for you and/or your brand.

4 Reasons Brands Should Use Periscope

7-26periWhere else can you see the CEO of T-Mobile jogging through Central Park, a photojournalist reporting from North Korea, author Deepak Chopra chatting from his apartment in New York or a famed UFC fighter answering their fan’s questions?

The answer: Periscope.

5 Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

5 facebook updates and tests spotted this week

Anyone who works in social knows that Facebook is always testing new tools and features – in fact, it’s likely that the version of Facebook you’re using is different to the one your friends see.

And while not all of their experiments evolve into fully functional additions, it’s always interesting to note not only what they’re testing, but to consider why, as it can provide some additional insight into Facebook’s way of thinking, their strategic approach and the behaviors they’re seeking to encourage.

5 Reasons You Should Use Video on Your Website [Infographic]

5 reasons you should use video on your website

Are you looking for ways to improve your business website? Want to know why adding video should be one of the techniques to try?

We share five reasons you should use video on your website in the infographic below.

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Video Marketing [Infographic]

a small business guide to facebook video marketing

For starters, don’t be intimidated by the pressure to make an Academy Award-worthy film because Facebook videos thrive on brevity. As soon as your video hits the two-minute mark, you’re going to start losing viewers, so why waste the time?

Ideas for marketing videos are valuable, so instead of cramming them all into your first video, try concentrating on one aspect of that story and saving the others for later. Time your voiceover before you even pick up a camera – it may need some serious pruning to keep it at a palatable duration.

Amazon Video Direct to go head to head with YouTube

Amazon video platformVideo creators now have a major new outlet with Amazon Video Direct, a service designed to compete with Google's YouTube. Creators will have basically the same options available from YouTube, including offering their content to Amazon customers for free with ads, for which they will receive 55% of the revenue generated.

Digital Marketing and the Rise of Video [Infographic]

digital marketing and the rise of video

As marketers, we're usually so busy that ‘the future’ is some abstract concept that doesn’t impact the deadline tomorrow or the day after. Before we know it, the future is now.

Everything You Need to Know NOW About Social Video Marketing [Infographic]

everything you need to know now about social video marketing

Social media marketing is a rapidly changing landscape, but perhaps nothing is changing faster than video. As I wrote a few months ago, video is the medium for social in 2017. Internally, we’ve given a lot of thought this year to the best ways to approach video and execute for a wide range of formats, from Facebook Live to Snapchat.

So, when I came across this new high-level infographic about marketing in a “video-first” world, I knew I’d have to share.

Facebook beefs up Atlas analytics, adds video feature

facebook atlasVideo ad serving for livelier brand storytelling is one of the new features that Facebook has added to enhance its Atlas ad-serving platform. Another is Offline Actions, which allows marketers to upload point-of-sale data to compare it with ad campaigns.

Facebook Continues Video Push, Adding New Group Video App and TV-Like Content

facebook continues video push adding new group video app and tv like content

Back in 2014, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would be ‘mostly video’ within five years. Zuckerberg has described video as a ‘mega trend’, of the same magnitude as mobile, which is why they’ve made video a key focus moving forward – and why we can expect to see more video-aligned products and options added to Facebook’s repertoire as the platform advances.

On this, The Verge has reported that one of Facebook’s latest video updates will likely be the addition of a new group video chat app to compete with rising app Houseparty, while they’re also adding a new TV show which will follow the controversial family of new LA Laker Lonzo Ball.

Facebook Cracks Down on Static Images as Video and Fake Video Play Buttons with New Algorithm Update

facebook cracks down on static images as video and fake video play buttons

As with everything in the online realm, at some point, scammers are going to find loopholes in system processes to artificially boost their presence.

In SEO, for example, Google has to constantly evolve its algorithm to stay a step ahead, and they can’t reveal the inner workings of their process for fear of people seeking out vulnerabilities. Facebook too has to continually refine and tweak its algorithm to ensure people aren’t being inundated with junk – if they were to over-emphasize Page Likes, for example, Like sellers would ramp up their promotions.

Facebook now gives video publishers more control in how content is seen and distributed

Facebook is rolling out new tools for video publishers. Starting today, the social networking company is introducing enhancements for content creators that include an update to its video upload system and a new Video Library. The company said in a blog post that these offerings will give users better customization and control over their content. These features will be available globally over “the coming weeks.”

Facebook Outlines New Video Monetization and Promotion Tools, Focusing on Facebook Watch

facebook could be closer to rolling out upvote and downvote options for comments

Facebook has released a new set of monetization options and best practices for video creators as it seeks to build interest in its Watch platform.

And while The Social Network offers significant audience potential, it has its work cut out for it, both in terms of developing consistent audience for Watch programs, and in establishing publisher trust, which has been shaken by recent News Feed shifts.

Facebook's Adding New Video Sharer Data to Provide Publishers with More Context

facebook provides new ways for travel based businesses to reach interested users

Facebook’s adding some new data for video publishers, with a listing of ‘Highlighted Shares’, displaying the top Pages that are re-sharing their videos.

The new data aims to provide publishers with extra insight into exactly how their videos are being distributed throughout The Social Network, which could help to guide decisions on future content and partnership opportunities.

Gawker Declaring Bankruptcy, Will Be Put Up for Auction

gawker files for bankuptcyGawker Media is declaring bankruptcy and the company will be put up for auction after a judge ruled that a $140 million jury judgment against it in a costly legal battle with former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan would stand.

Google Makes Its Mark On TV

googtubeScrap cat videos. Google wants a piece of the $70 billion linear TV ad market - of which $300 million-plus-and-growing is addressable. As such, the tech giant unveiled a bunch of TV-related products and updates Wednesday at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas.

Google's Adding New Videos of Celebrities Answering Common Questions to Search Results

googles adding new videos of celebrities answering common questions to search results

Here’s an interesting one – Google is piloting a new initiative which will display videos of various celebrities answering commonly Googled questions about them, within search results.

When you conduct a relevant search on Google (either within the app or on mobile web), you’ll get an option to view a video response from the celebrity in question, which expands out to a full-screen, vertical video when tapped.

How These Brands Responded to Current Events on Facebook with Video

how these brands responded to current events on facebook with video

As Facebook has increasingly moved towards becoming a video-first platform, brands that have been able to combine video with up-to-the-minute content related to current events have been able to drive significant results.

Working at Animoto, I often see how our customers succeed by responding in real-time with video. In this post, I'm going to outline three examples of brands who've effectively leveraged video on Facebook in response to current events - and notes on how you can apply what they've learned to your own brand.

How to Use LinkedIn Video to Boost Your Performance

how to use linkedin video to boost your performance

In today's online marketplace - especially if you're a business coach or consultant - the fastest, easiest and most effective way to win new business is by getting your face, voice and personality in front of potential prospects.

Online video is an ideal way to do this, because it instantly establishes the know, like and trust factors that are a critical component of any business coaching or consulting relationship.

How to Use Video in All of Your Business [Infographic]

how to use video in all of your business

Video is becoming the most important medium for companies to master in order to stand out in 2017. For most of the last 15 years, value-adding blogs with a couple of eye-catching images were enough content to develop trust and build a following. While written words are still important, the expectation among internet users is changing.

Increased digital bandwidth and the lowered cost of video production has filled every corner of the web with video. As a result, users are relying less on blogs and ebooks, and more on engaging videos to provide them with the information they seek.

Instagram Rolls Out Live Guests Option to All Users

instagram rolls out live guests option to all users

After launching a test of their live guest option with a small group of users back in August, Instagram has now announced that the functionality will be rolled out to everyone from today.

The process is fairly straightforward, giving users and quick and easy way to connect via Instagram Live.

It’s Go Time for Facebook GIF Ads

8-28FBgifWendy’s and Coca-Cola's Brazilian brand Kuat are the first companies experimenting with the new GIF ad format Facebook is featuring on its business pages.

Despite been reticent toward animated GIFs for years, Facebook has finally started to let businesses post them as ads and page posts.

Marketing Tips for Live-Streaming on Social Media [Infographic]

marketing tips for live streaming on social media

Live-streaming has been one of the trends of the last few years in social, with all the major platforms looking to tap into user desire for more immediate, in-the-moment sharing.

Facebook has made the biggest live-streaming push, but it could Instagram where it's been most significant, with the platform offering a range of new live-streaming additions, including the recently launched live guests option.

Pinterest boosts video with native player and video discovery

Pinterest native videoPinterest is adding a native video player as video usage on the platform has grown 60% in the past year, with users twice as likely to follow up on products or services if they've watched a video on the site. Pinterest is interested in not only getting you to watch more videos on its site, but in showing you those that are most pertinent.  Popular video categories on Pinterest include hair and beauty, fitness routines and home improvement.

The Science of Social Video [Infographic]

the science of social video

The consumption of video on social media has been on a fast-paced rise over the past few years. Now we are seeing practically every social network -- Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. -- adjust their main focus over to video.

Video is everything now and if you aren't joining in, expect to be left behind.

The Six-Second Video Is a Big Business for Brands

B10-27You guys are about to become famous,” Gary Vaynerchuk told young, popular Vine video creators during invite-only meetings in May 2013 in New York and Los Angeles. “Be prepared for that journey, and figure out how to navigate through those things.”

Vaynerchuk was pitching producers of viral video clips to join his new talent-driven production company, GrapeStory, founded with partner Jerome Jarre. GrapeStory produces clips for major brands like General Electric, Samsung, Unilever and Virgin Mobile, companies that pay up to $25,000 per six-second video to place sponsored posts on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. The 25 popular video creators on GrapeStory’s talent roster get an 80 percent cut from each clip they make.

This Research Will Make You Rethink How You Create Your Facebook Videos

facebook suspends potentially discriminatory ad targeting options but further concerns remain

Video has become huge on Facebook, with both companies and individuals using the medium more than ever, in the hopes of drawing additional attention to their content.

And with the addition of Facebook Live, people now have even more tools for creating video content, right at their fingertips.

Top Brands Share Secrets to Successful Influencer Marketing [Video]

top brands share secrets to successful influencer marketing video

Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful tools in outreach, and many of the world’s biggest brands are finding unique ways to strategize around this new channel and navigate its integration into the broader marketing mix.

In this video, I talk to several top digital marketers about how influencers fit into their overall strategy and about some of the key learnings and best practices they’ve discovered along the way.

Tweets of the Week: #CecilTheLion Inspires Outrage, Activism

7-31tOwThis week, Twitter mourned the death of Cecil the Lion, Kraft Dinner changed its name, and brands celebrated #FriendshipDay.

This week, the death of Cecil the Lion, a world-famous lion living at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, shocked the world, and outrage over his killing at the hands of poachers spread throughout Twitter, inspiring 670,000 Tweets in just 24 hours. 

Tweets of the Week: U.S. Open and Star Wars Lead the Way

9-4twittThis week, Twitter went to the U.S. Open, unveiled McDonald's latest plan for serving breakfast, and hosted big sales for the Star Wars franchise.

Twitter had a packed social calendar this week: it started with conversations around the 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, it then rolled into chatter about McDonald's #AllDayBreakfast plan, and ended with lots of tweeting around the eagerly awaited movie Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

Twitter Adds Ability to Upload and Send Videos via TweetDeck

twitter adds ability to upload and send videos via tweetdeck

TweetDeck has announced that users are now able to upload and send videos via tweet through the Twitter management app.

Still something of an under-rated tool yet one widely used by social managers, Twitter has been rolling out gradual upgrades to TweetDeck over time.

Twitter Adds New Video Website Card to Provide More Immersive Ad Experience

twitter adds new video website card to provide more immersive ad experience

Twitter has unveiled a new video ad type which provides a more immersive brand experience direct from your Twitter feed.

Called ‘Video Website Cards’, the new option enables advertisers to connect their video ads to a website, with the ad continuing to play as the website loads. When clicked on mobile, the video shifts to the top of the screen, with the chosen website opening below it.

Twitter Adds View Count Displays to All Videos

twitter releases major events calendar for december to help with strategic planning

Twitter has announced that it will now display video view counts on all videos posted to the platform.

Twitter’s been experimenting with video view counts for a while, with some users reporting seeing them, then having them disappear again. Now, it seems, they’ll be here to stay.

Twitter Follows Facebook With Autoplay Videos in Timeline

6-17RwautoTwitter is officially rolling out autoplay video in a user’s timeline, taking on its biggest competitor Facebook. But you'll be able to switch it off.

Twitter has followed in the footsteps of Facebook with the introduction of autoplaying video. 

In a move that is no doubt music to advertisers' ears, videos, GIFs and Vines will now play automatically, albeit silently, as you scroll through your Twitter timeline.

Twitter’s latest experiment shows tweets you might like under a new Related Videos section

7-19 twitterIn a new experiment, Twitter has started displaying a Related Videos section when people are not logged in to the social network’s desktop web client.

Twitter appears to be using favorites as a signal to figure out which tweets with media to highlight under Related Videos, which shows up on the right side of certain tweets and Twitter user profiles.

What's Happening: Inside Twitter's Big Video Push

whats happening inside twitters big video push

For the first time in what seems like a long time Twitter answered its own question: "What's happening?"

"Saucy is happening," a Twitter-made marketing montage flashed across the screen at the platform's NewFronts event on Monday. Also happening, according to Twitter: "Gorgeous," "oops," "slam" and "creation."

Twitter has been using the phrase "it's what's happening" in its marketing to attract fresh attention to itself as a cultural touchstone. As a business, though, the question of what's happening hasn't always had a clear answer.

Which Video Platform is Best: Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo?

which video platform is best youtube wistia or vimeo

Whether you're promoting a business, showcasing your talent, or just an Average Joe trying to go viral, you'll need to choose a video platform to share your content.

So how do you know which video platform is best?

YouTube's by far the most popular platform, with users watching hundreds of millions of hours of content on the platform daily, however it may not be the right option for you, depending on the goals you're trying to achieve.

Why Periscope Is the Next Big Thing in Social Media

9-18periWith more brands emphasizing the importance of a solid presence on media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, this article predicts that the next big marketing frontier is the Periscope app.

As social media becomes less of an afterthought among brands and more of an essential ingredient in the marketing mix, it is increasingly difficult to stand out on these online channels.

There is only so much attention from consumers and customers to go around, and the social streams are overflowing with content in all shapes and sizes.