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3 Examples of Why User-Generated Content Is Blowing Up On Social Media

3 examples of why user generated content is blowing up on social media

'Customer experience' has become one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing, and brands are looking for more effective ways to interact with and engage customers in new and exciting ways.

And what better way to do that than by having existing customers praise a company’s products and services, because that provides social proof, which is the tendency all of us have to be more interested in a company when other people recommend it with enthusiasm.

3 Ways to Utilize User-Generated Content to Amp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 ways to utilize user generated content to amp up your digital marketing strategy

So, your local search marketing is all in order. Your ranking is improving, and citation building is an integral part of your strategy.

That’s great, but to build a competitive strategy, your business needs a little something extra. Enter user-generated content (content created by customers and followers - also called UGC).

If you know the right places to search, you can quickly find and share content that was created by customers and social media followers. This is an easy way to find marketing content to share with consumers when you're strapped for time and money.

6 Key Benefits of User-Generated Content (and How You Can Achieve Them)

6 key benefits of user generated content and how you can achieve them

User-generated content (UGC) is as old as content itself. Simply put, we’ve always wanted to chime in - from the Oxford English Dictionary, which was compiled from slips of paper, to letters to the editor, to fan fiction, we flock to participate on our favorite platforms.

With digital forums, comments sections on blogs, and the ability to publish content for free, at the click of a button, UGC is at an all-time high. America’s Funniest Home Videos has morphed into YouTube, with 300 hours of video uploaded to the platform every minute.

6 User-Generated Content Campaigns Which Inspired Audiences, and Drove Results

2 common types of pillar pages and how they boost seo

Let’s face it, consumer purchasing habits no longer follow a linear path.

The growing number of places people can discover, research, purchase or even advocate from have made the pathway to purchase less predictable than ever - and made marketers’ jobs that much more challenging.

How Is UGC Changing Content Marketing?

9-29ucgConsumers find the word-of-mouth nature of user-generated content to be particularly trustworthy, which has resulted in a surge of popularity comparable to that of influencer marketing.

"User-generated content" (UGC) may have become a clichéd marketing buzzword, but it's still one that resonates enough with consumers to have shifted the nature of content marketing.

New Report Underlines the Power of User-Generated Content, Rising Influence of Social

new report underlines the power of user generated content rising influence of social

Sprout Social has released it's latest social media research report, this time looking at the impact social platforms have had on how we share personal updates - and how such updates are subsequently influencing purchase behavior.

First up, In what will come as little surprise, Sprout found that 79% of people now view social media as the preferred option for sharing life milestones with their friends and family.

Snapchat and Univision Partner for an Innovative Approach to Sponsored Content

7-24snapSnapchat and Univision are working together to curate a Live Story for the Gold Cup Final. If the content is successful, it could create advertising possibilities for the platform.

With soccer fans from around the world gathering this weekend to watch the Gold Cup Final, media company Univision has partnered with Snapchat to bring the game to social media via the app's Live Stories feature. 

Why Consumers Share User-Generated Content [Infographic]

sharing user-generated contentUser-generated content is a staple of most ecommerce websites. Consumers want to share their feedback, and these humanizing reports about products and services are trusted by other shoppers. However, there’s a gap between consumer content creation and how businesses foster it.