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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Top Social Media Posts and Updates

5 ways to repurpose your top social media posts and updates

Are you struggling to bring back some life to your social media accounts? Or maybe you just want to mimic past social media successes?

Whatever the case, there’s a simple solution - repurposing your top social media content. In this post, I'll share five of the best ways that you can use to repurpose your top social media content and boost your results.

9 Things Publishers Need to Know About Facebook's Coming News Feed Changes

9 things publishers need to know about facebooks coming news feed changes

On January 11th, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a coming, major shift in the way Facebook will sort posts in it's News Feed.

In a nutshell, posts from brand and publisher Pages are set to be de-prioritized in favor of person-to-person interactions, which will likely mean a decline in organic reach for businesses.

Facebook Announces News Feed Update to Crack Down on 'Engagement Baiting' Posts

facebook releases data on thanksgiving weekend shopping conversation on facebook and instagram

While most businesses are slowing down and easing into the end of year period, Facebook continues to roll out updates – and significant ones at that.

This week, The Social Network has announced yet another News Feed algorithm tweak, this time taking aim at Pages which push for engagement in order to boost their reach.

How 'Getting Personal' with Your LinkedIn Updates Can Drive Significant Reach

how getting personal with your linkedin updates can drive significant reach

Sharing personal updates on LinkedIn is a bit of a controversial area for some. Definitely, LinkedIn's not Facebook - you don't want to be sharing all your personal news, thoughts and updates on a platform that's primarily focussed on professional interactions.

But there is a way to share relevant personal updates with your LinkedIn network - and those posts, in my experience, can perform better than your regular 'all business' updates.

New Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates You Need to Know

facebook adds new listing of all emails theyve sent to you in order to negate scammers

I’m sure you know it by now, but you are a commodity to Facebook. Your attention is anyway.

To keep your interest and attention, Facebook's always tweaking its News Feed algorithm to ensure that users are served the most engaging and relevant material possible.

What do the Latest Social Media Algorithm Updates Mean for Small Businesses?

what do the latest social media algorithm updates mean for small businesses

Social media has been a pivotal piece of successful marketing strategies for a decade now. The ability to share content, build a community of current and potential customers, and engage with an audience in real-time has forever changed how brands approach marketing.