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6 Typography Secrets that will Make Your hero Images Explosive [Infographic]

6 typography secrets that will make your hero images explosive

Hero images are still all the rage - they’re trendy and they immediately catch the users eye due to their above-the-fold, full-screen beauty. One of the main aspects of a big header, other than the hero image, is the typography, but we often fall short in this area because hero images can be very overpowering.

In actuality, typography can compliment hero images, making them better when the two are combined correctly.

The Importance of Email Typography [Infographic]

the importance of email typography

While email marketers are going crazy with images, GIFs, videos and other eye-catching ways to allure email subscribers, there's one basic, yet effective, element that can make your emails stand out among the rest in the most subtle way - typography.

What exactly is typography?