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4 Tips on How to Avoid Being a Jerk in Facebook Groups

4 tips on how to avoid being a jerk in facebook groups

One of the hottest topics within the online marketing space today is whether Facebook Groups are on the rise or headed for the gutter. Let's talk about it some more.

On the one hand, Groups have become these micro hubs of people with specific interests coming together to network, learn and share. This is obviously positive: it creates an opportunity for collaboration, friendship, growth, and sales. At the same time, many groups have become digital dumpsters, full of cheesy sales pitches and robotic requests. This is obviously negative: who wants to participate in a group that regularly gets bombarded with links that read “Book a free call with me to see how I can help improve your credit score!”? Yuck.

Turn social media complaints into #marketing opportunity

social complaintsMarketers should respond to each complaint on social media with a personal response that acknowledges any company mistakes. Think of complaints as an opportunity to show the positives of your brand, and thank or reward any social users who champion or defend your brand online.

Twitter Releases New Data on Effectiveness of Efforts to Tackle Trolls and Abuse

twitter releases new data on effectiveness of efforts to tackle trolls and abuse

With Twitter has come under intense scrutiny and criticism in recent times, one of the platform’s biggest identified problems has been trolls and abuse, and the platform’s historic inaction to address such concerns. Twitter has acknowledged such, and made it a key focus, and over the last year they’ve introduced a range of tools to protect users and eliminate such behavior.

Those measures include collapsing or hiding potentially offensive tweets, the ability to mute certain words from your notifications, an update of the default egg avatar to encourage users to upload an actual photo, new transparency over reporting processes, placing warnings on potentially offensive profiles and tweets and a secondary ‘message requests’ DM inbox.