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10 Tips for Creating a Compelling Infographic [Infographic]

10 tips for creating a compelling infographic

How do you capture the essence of a complex topic without putting your audience to sleep? By using an infographic, of course.

Not only can infographics do a masterful job of summarizing content, but they also increase engagement. The reason? People are visually wired - we recall up to 80% of what we see and do. And infographics are a marketing tool that’s being utilized more and more.

10 Tips That Will Make You a Better Blogger

10 tips that will make you a better blogger

Many businesses start blogging simply to appear current - after all, no one wants to be the industry laggard, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on attracting customers if all the hype about content turns out to be true.

So, you decide on a schedule and divide the work among your subject matter experts. The only requirement is to choose topics related to your business and produce quality articles that show off your brilliant team. Easy.

11 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Grow Your Business [Infographic]

11 digital marketing tips to help you grow your business

Digital Marketing now plays a key role in growing businesses of all shapes and sizes, all around the world.

Word-of-mouth, face-to-face selling techniques and telesales are all really strong tools to grow your business too, however 90% of all marketers indicate that their social media efforts have generated more exposure than ever before for their businesses.

11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Probably Don’t Know

facebook tipsThis post will give you plenty of great stuff to help you get the most out of and better understand Facebook. From why you get shown certain ads and which types of posts get the most engagement, to how closely connected you everyone else on the planet and much, much more.

11 Pro Email Marketing Tips [Infographic]

11 pro email marketing tips

Are you just getting started with an email marketing campaign for your business? Want to tap into the wisdom of professionals who know what they’re doing?

The team from Campaign Monitor share eleven tips from the pros in this infographic.

11 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Google Rankings [Infographic]

11 technical seo tips to boost google rankings

So, you want to rank higher on Google and you’re reading up on SEO - but is your website sound from a technical point of view?

Joint Views share their technical SEO tips for success in this infographic.

18 Digital Strategy Tips to Consider for 2018

18 digital strategy tips to consider for 2018

As we kick off 2018, now's a good time for companies to take a look at their digital strategies and try out a few New Years resolutions. Recently at Ignite Academy, we've been talking a lot about the importance of building a solid strategy.

To get the year off right, we believe a good strategy articulates your business goals, the audience you're trying to reach, and the most cost-effective methods for managing your time and resources.

27 Top Content-Marketing Tips Backed by Data [Infographic]

27 top content marketing tips backed by data

Which marketing tips can provide the most help? The ones backed by real, actionable data.

Data doesn't lie, and it tells us things like this: currently, only 21% of B2B content marketers are successful at tracking ROI.

3 Simple Social Media Tips for Boosting Your Visibility as a Coach or Consultant

3 simple social media tips for boosting your visibility as a coach or consultant

When I was running a digital marketing agency back in 2015, I primarily helped B2B tech brands grow their online following and increase engagement across platforms.

But the truth was that while these companies were getting googly-eyed over vanity metrics and acting as if they’d won the Grammy’s after receiving 50 likes on a Facebook post, they completely lost sight of the numbers that meant the most - their related income figures.

3 Social Media Tips For Small Business Saturday Participants

3 social media tips for small business saturday participants

It may be sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Small Business Saturday packs a mighty punch when it comes to doing big business during the holidays.

Now in its eighth year, the November 25th event, originally created by American Express, has consistently grown, with a record 112 million consumers shopping and dining at independent businesses in 2016.

3 Steps to Help Maximize the Use of Influencers in Your Marketing Process

3 steps to help maximize the use of influencers in your marketing process

Influencers are the new celebrity endorsements. By leveraging key leaders in your industry, who have their own, engaged audience, you can strategically get your brand in front of new eyeballs - and fast. These consumers will also be more receptive to your content because of the trust already established with the influencer.

When done correctly, these collaborations can yield incredible returns for businesses who implement them.

Influencer marketing can energize and improve your social media marketing efforts to connect with today’s consumers. Incorporating such tactics now can cement your company’s growth for long-term success.

4 Cautionary Tips on Using Breaking News in Your Social Media Strategy

4 cautionary tips on using breaking news in your social media strategy

Social media and the concept of being “always connected” has forever changed the way news is produced - many would even argue that it has changed it for the worse.

There are a several key elements within this phenomenon - for one, the modern news cycle never stops.

4 Product Photography Tips to Help Make Your Images Stand Out

4 product photography tips to help make your images stand out

If you’re in the product business, having incredible images of your inventory is a necessity, particularly given the rise of visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. However, many businesses - small business in particular - are often not able to afford professional photographers, meaning they need to rely on their own photographic abilities to come up with stand out, engaging product shots.

Not always easy when competing with the various other photo options within each users' social feed.

4 Quick and Easy Tips for Posting High Quality Images on Instagram

instagram now has a billion monthly active users

Instagram has become the go-to destination for images today. Be it food, travel, lifestyle, or just plain old day-to-day life, influencers across many categories rely on the app to build relationships with their audiences - but what makes the winners really stand out?

4 Tips for an Impactful Influencer Marketing Strategy

4 tips for an impactful influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing can be a great way to present your brand (or service) in an authentic way - especially to groups of consumers who might be averse to digital advertising.

4 Tips for Becoming a Digital Marketing Thought Leader (and Why You'd Want to)

4 tips for becoming a digital marketing thought leader and why

There’s no question that digital marketing has become one of the most sought after professions in the online professional community. Young 20-somethings are chasing the opportunity to work from the convenience of their couches, getting paid premium rates from clients internationally. And because it seems so glamorous, more and more Gen-Y creatives are pursuing the necessary skills to run a self-sustaining marketing business.

I get it - I used to be one of those Millennials too, and for a solid year, I ran a 6-figure content and social media marketing consultancy all from the convenience of my laptop. I was “living the dream.”

4 Tips on How to Avoid Being a Jerk in Facebook Groups

4 tips on how to avoid being a jerk in facebook groups

One of the hottest topics within the online marketing space today is whether Facebook Groups are on the rise or headed for the gutter. Let's talk about it some more.

On the one hand, Groups have become these micro hubs of people with specific interests coming together to network, learn and share. This is obviously positive: it creates an opportunity for collaboration, friendship, growth, and sales. At the same time, many groups have become digital dumpsters, full of cheesy sales pitches and robotic requests. This is obviously negative: who wants to participate in a group that regularly gets bombarded with links that read “Book a free call with me to see how I can help improve your credit score!”? Yuck.

4 Tips to Help Optimize Your Social Media Strategy Across Multiple Platforms

4 tips to help optimize your social media strategy across multiple platforms

Ten years ago, creating a social media strategy was easy - you simply needed to figure out how to engage with people on Facebook and you would be ready to rock. Today, you need to coordinate your social media marketing strategy across multiple platforms.

Last year, people posted a third less content on Facebook than 2015, yet the amount of overall social media posts didn't necessarily decline. The drop in Facebook posting is more a result of people focusing their attention on Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms, and as such, if you aren’t actively reaching customers across multiple networks, you're already losing brand exposure, and will likely continue to do so in the coming years.

4 Tips to Help You Get Seen in the Facebook News Feed

4 tips to help you get seen in the facebook news feed

I’m sure that almost every blog or article that you've read about Facebook’s most recent News Feed update has told you that the world is ending, and brands won't get seen no matter how hard they try.

4 Tips to Keep Your Brand Coherent Across Platforms

4 tips to keep your brand coherent across platforms

New social media platforms and options seem to pop up nearly every month, and for each new platform attracting thousands of users, there needs to be a marketing strategy tailor-made to reach these segments. But the trouble is, every platform has different requirements and strategies that work to reach your customers - Instagram's focus is on photos and videos, Twitter limits you to 140 characters. There can be a lot of different elements to juggle once your social media deck gets stacked up.

On one hand, this is great, because it allows for a broader reach across several channels. But a formidable challenge can quickly present itself: how does a company keep the consistency of its brand in the face of all these different platforms?

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Streamline Customer Service

4 ways to use social media to streamline customer service

Most modern businesses are still missing the mark when it comes to customer service - too many employ old and outdated strategies that are no longer effective in improving the client experience.

What some business fail to understand is that many of these older process are now obsolete - there’s a new sheriff in town called social media, and so indomitable is its mark that no business owner can afford to ignore it if they want to reach new echelons in the corporate world.

5 Facebook Power User Tips You Should be Utilizing

a simple way to improve your facebook ad relevance score and performance

Facebook is a powerhouse in the social media space, representing a true unicorn, even if it wasn't the first kid on the block.

What started out as a place for college kids to connect quickly morphed into a powerful tool for business, giving smaller companies a method for creating an initial website without a financial investment, and serving as a platform for connecting with customers.

5 Key Customer Care Tips to Help Improve Your Social Efforts

5 key customer care tips to help improve your social efforts

Social media has become a major force for businesses that want to promote their brand and build relationships with consumers.

As a social media manager, I completely support this - Social media marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity for the modern business.

The problem, though, is this. Every day businesses use their social media accounts to promote content, share updates and offer deals to their loyal customers. Although each of these is an important part of a successful social media strategy, there’s another key component that too often gets overlooked - social customer care.

5 Key Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2017

5 key holiday email marketing tips for 2017

Email Marketing is no longer a ‘batch blast’ marketing strategy tasked to the interns (some email marketers still do so, alas). Come September, email marketers start preparing for one of the most important and busiest quarters of the year - the Holiday season.

Regular strategies used for email campaigns throughout the rest of the year may not be enough to cut through the inbox clutter during the holiday season. This calls for email marketers to define their holiday-specific marketing goals, and create email campaigns that stand out.

5 Social Selling Tips for Better Sales Prospecting on Social Media

how social media became a game changer for the deaf community

Move over cold calls: there’s a new way of selling in town. But although social selling has been around (as a concept and as a practice) for years now, many businesses aren’t yet grasping its importance and potential for better sales prospecting.

In this post, I’m going to share five social selling tips for better sales prospecting on social media.

5 Tips for Epic Email Subject Lines

5 tips for epic email subject lines

Did you know that 47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone? Clearly, first impressions matter when it comes to email marketing.

Organizations tend to put a lot of effort into the content of the email without considering how they’re going to ignite enough interest to actually get people to click open.

5 Tips for Generating Leads with Pillar Pages

7 efficient blogging tips that will boost your content roi

Pillar pages are a great way to boost SEO, but they should also mean more than that to your business. Like all marketing activities, pillar page campaigns should help you achieve business goals, and two common goals for pillar page campaigns are to generate leads and acquire customers.

5 Tips for Handling Negative Feedback on Social Media

looking to utilize influencer marketing dont forget about bloggers

The incredible speed and fluidity of social media is a marvel of our digital age.

Social media is an unmatched mode of direct connection with your audience, but it also opens up a new world of crisis management where one complaint can quickly gain momentum, putting your brand’s reputation (and potentially, share price) at risk.

5 Tips to Avoid Having Your Online Ads Associated with Fake News

5 tips to avoid having your online ads associated with fake news

Advertisers were put on the spot when fake news became a major topic in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

After a number of unrealistic stories about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went viral, the world learned about sites set up to spread misinformation - and in the process, make money through advertising.

The problem, of course, is far from over. In fact, fake news sites are still amassing large audiences through social media. They do so with exaggerated articles that play to the raw emotions of their readers, who then share the content with their connections.

5 Tips to Help You Boost Engagement on Facebook

facebook adds live stream tipping for gaming content

If you haven't already heard, Facebook recently announced a re-focus of their News Feed algorithm which will see organic reach for Pages decline.

That's not great for businesses, however organic reach on Facebook has been falling for years now - so while this latest shift is still significant, it's not overly surprising. Now you just need to work out how to offset the potential slowdown in Facebook referral traffic.

5 Unusual Personal Branding Tips

5 unusual personal branding tips

Personal branding is more important than ever in the modern digital age - with all the opportunities and tools on offer, you should be building your personal brand.

A strong personal brand can have a tremendous impact on both your individual success and that of your company - having an exceptional personal brand is also a common trait among our favorite and most successful billionaires.

6 Free Ways You Probably Aren’t Using to Generate Website Traffic [Infographic]

6 free ways you probably arent using to generate website traffic

Generating website traffic is tough at the best of times, but when you’re just starting out it’s even harder. This is especially true if, like most, you’re working on a limited budget - if you can’t afford to pay for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads you need to utilize every last drop of free advertising possible.

But where do you start? For most new businesses, it all begins with social media.

6 SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Ahead In 2018

27 top content marketing tips backed by data

The web is growing.

When Google first published its free publication explaining the steps it takes to decide what ranks where in search results (How Search Works), it said the Web was made up of “over 30 trillion individual pages”.

6 Tips for Engaging Facebook Ad Creative

6 tips for engaging facebook ad creative

The success of your Facebook advertising campaign relies on a mix of creative and targeting. And while there's a ton of content out there that discusses targeting strategy, I wanted to share some tips that have helped us create engaging visuals for our Facebook ad campaigns. These tips actually come from Facebook themselves, so they're sure to be of value.

With the right creative, your Facebook ads can drive great, cost-effective results.

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Personal Brand in 2018

6 tips to strengthen your personal brand in 2018

Until recently, the word 'brand' only referred to companies, however in today’s world, we're more aware that every one of us has our own 'personal brand'.

I liken each of our own brands to what we used to call our 'permanent record' - remember how scary it was to hear 'this will go down on your personal record?'

7 Easy Steps to Increase Employee Engagement In Social Media

7-steps-7-25Employee participation in social media is an influential way of building customer trust and attracting sales leads to your company. According to a SlideShare presentation “War of Words: Myth-Busting Social, SEO & Content Marketing” from Minnesota-based online marketing company TopRank Online Marketing, 82% of customers say they trust a company more when the CEO and leadership team are active on the social web.

Commonly, many of your company employees regularly use social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Other employees who love photography may use their smartphones to upload Instagram photos of company events, trade fairs or conferences to their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List [Infographic]

7 tips for building an engaged email list

With the rising concerns around social media marketing - from algorithm shifts to data misuse - it's becoming ever more apparent that brands should also be working to build their own direct connection with their audience.

7 Tips for Crafting an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

7 tips for crafting an effective social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is no longer the new kid on the block. Now an established and respected marketing stream - with social media ad spend expected to exceed $35 billion in 2017 - it needs to be treated as any other type of marketing channel would.

This means you can no longer afford to half-heartedly execute your social media efforts with the enthusiasm of a household chore - take this attitude and you’re not going anywhere.

7 Tips to Help B2B Businesses Manage Digital Marketing Over the Holidays

7 tips to help b2b businesses manage digital marketing over the holidays

This time of year, retailers are extremely busy, both in-store and online. But for other businesses, the end of the year and the holiday season are different.

For example, we work mostly with technology companies, businesses that offer hi-tech products, technical services, and professional services in support of technology companies.

7 Tips to Win Big With Video Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]

7 tips to win big with video marketing in 2017

If you want to win the war of content creation and outranking your competition for search results and visibility, you need to keep up with the latest trends in the world today.

Once such trend is the massive movement into the world of online video. With mobile devices now in more hands and Facebook shifting their efforts towards mobile and online video, this is where you and your brand need to be as well.

7 Top Digital Marketing Tips [Infographic]

7 top digital marketing tips

Having a shiny new website is great - it'll present your brand and help your customers purchase your products or services.

8 Tips for Eye-Catching Social Media Design [Infographic]

8 tips for eye catching social media design

Social media news feeds are constantly being updated with more content, upping the competition for attention, and making it harder to get users to pause for a moment and take in your brand messaging.

9 Key Steps in Developing an Effective Content Strategy

9 key steps in developing an effective content strategy

Content helps your community and your audience relate to you - the more helpful and relatable you are, the more people want to begin a relationship with you.

Isn’t that how you began most of your friendships, whether they be online or off, by relating and finding things in common with people?

Relationships deepen, you're there when friends need you, and they're there when you need them. The more you consistently put out great, helpful content, the more people learn that you're someone they can look to when they have questions, that your brand is a presence they can rely on. And that leads to trust - and for a brand, trust is the most important goal, in a marketing sense.

9 Tips to Help Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile

9 tips to help spot a fake linkedin profile

LinkedIn, the powerful networking platform for business professionals, has exploded in growth over the past few years. However, with its rapid expansion, LinkedIn – like all other social media platforms – has experienced a growing problem with fake profiles.

A Key Tip for Better Writing: Read Your Work Aloud

a key tip for better writing read your work aloud

Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording and been horrified by what you sound like? Our voices sound different to our own ears than to others’ because when we speak, our own bony skulls get in the way and change the way our inner ears interpret the sound waves. (Or, umm, something like that.)

The truth is that the voice you hear on a recording is the way you really sound to the rest of the world. When you’re speaking aloud, you’re literally the only one who hears your voice the way you hear it.

Business Lessons from 4 Successful Entrepreneurs [Video]

business lessons from 4 successful entrepreneurs video

We’re living in a time in which entrepreneurship seems glamorous - these days, everybody's a founder of something, or wants to be.

Popular culture - using a handful of isolated success stories - has told us that if we’ve got a few great ideas, some grit, and maybe a garage, we can succeed. Who needs school? Nobody makes dropping out of college more glamorous than Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Adds Live-Stream 'Tipping' for Gaming Content

facebook adds live stream tipping for gaming content

Facebook’s taking the next step in their efforts to attract more gaming content to their platform by opening up a new tipping system which will enable viewers to donate money to their favorite gaming live-streamers as they watch.

Facebook Live is an effective tool if used right: 15 Best Practices

Facebook Live best practicesFacebook Live is garnering attention, but brands should use it only when they have a clear purpose, experts say. "Don't eliminate other channels, but think about Live as a complement," said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures. Review these 15 Best Practices for Facebook Live.

Facebook Marketing Tips from the Ball Family and 'Big Baller Brand'

facebook rolls out expanded data privacy resources in order to assure users

Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, you’ve likely heard of the Ball family. LaVar Ball and his sons regularly make headlines – eldest son Lonzo plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, while his other two boys, LiAngelo and LaMelo are both future NBA prospects (currently playing in Lithuania).

Facebook Provides Tips on How to Avoid Ad Under-Delivery in the Holiday Period [Infographic]

facebook provides tips on how to avoid ad under delivery in the holiday period

Facebook has been publishing a range of tips on their Advertising Blog ahead of the holiday season, ranging from ad bidding, making best use of the Facebook Pixel to utilizing Dynamic Ads.

While most of these are general overviews (all are helpful, mind you, with some great tips in each post), they have also included some interesting graphics and process reminders which are of particular relevance.



There is a lot written about the lives and habits of successful people everywhere. You have read many books of their habits. The 6 habits of this.... or The 9 Habits of that Successful person or Autobiographies where the writers mostly talk about the great accomplishments in length and a little about the habits that they DONT have. It is this part of their life where they lack certain habits that makes them successful. You may ask, how can NOT HAVING something or a LACK IN PERSONALITY TRAIT make somebody successful. Well it does. Good habits you can pick up and adopt as you go along on the road to success. As you grow older, you change your mind about quite a few things about the past. A certain car that drove you crazy when you were 17 years old does nothing for you when you look at it today. Same with Places and people and clothing etc. This is your mind telling you that it is capable of FLEXIBILITY.

Instagram Marketing Tips from the Best Brands [Infographic]

instagram marketing tips from the best brands

With more than 700 million active users and rising, Instagram has become an essential consideration for all social media marketers.

The Facebook-owned network, with its growing array of business and ad options, has superseded Twitter as one of the top social platforms, while Instagram Stories, which clones the functionality of Snapchat, has also grown to become more prevalent than the platform it mimics.

Instagram Reaches 25 Million Active Business Profiles, Shares New Business Tips

instagram reaches 25 million active business profiles shares new business tips

Instagram, currently the fastest growing of the big social media platforms, has this week announced that there are now more than 25 million businesses active within its network - up from the 15 million they reported back in July.

Really, the growth in business interest makes perfect sense – Instagram has also gone from 600 million users last December, to 800 million today.

Last Minute Facebook Targeting Tips So Your Brand Can Win Halloween

last minute facebook targeting tips so your brand can win halloween

Halloween's right around the corner, and advertisers will be flocking to the opportunity to win their share of the projected $9.1 billion Americans will spend on the holiday this year. And with 22% of adults looking for Halloween-related deals online, Facebook ads can be an ideal way to get the message out for respective brands.

Many have already started the push for dollars, and are already seeing results, but there'll also be last-minute wins to be had which can help increase your return.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018 [Infographic]

mobile marketing tips for small business in 2018

The dominance and importance of mobile optimization is nothing new.

If you’ve been dragging your feet on taking action - or just haven’t had the time to get to it - this new infographic from Filmora might give you the push you need to finally act.

Pinterest Provides Tips for Your Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy

pinterest provides tips for your mothers day marketing strategy

Mother’s Day is still a couple of months off (14th May), but Pinterest’s getting in early, reminding marketers to plan their promotions ahead of time. And with – according to Pinterest – 70% of US moms active on the platform, spending an average of 124 minutes per month browsing the various Pins, tapping into Pinterest for your Mother’s Day campaign could be a great way to boost performance.

To help with this, Pinterest has outlined a couple of key details to help maximize your Mother’s Day strategy.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Key Stats and Tips [Infographic]

shopping cart abandonment key stats and tips

As anyone working in eCommerce would know, shopping cart abandonment rates are very high, averaging at around 75%, according to estimates. And those abandon rates are significant - one study estimated that shopping cart abandonment was worth more than $4 trillion in lost sales last year.

While you're never going to get anywhere near 100% completion on all shopping process on your site, that's still a huge amount - anything you can do to reduce this is likely worth investigating.

Simple Tips for Explaining SEO to Your Client or Boss [Infographic]

simple tips for explaining seo to your client or boss

Search engine optimization can seem like an alien concept to those unfamiliar with it, and one of the biggest struggles for marketers tasked with adopting search engine marketing is explaining the concept to a boss or client who is brand new to SEO.

There's no doubt that SEO is a complex and ever-evolving marketing process - so how do you go about communicating how it works and why it's important?

Simple Twitter Analytics Tips to Immediately Improve Your Engagement [Infographic]

simple twitter analytics tips to immediately improve your engagement

Software helps companies run smoothly. From help desk platforms to communication apps to social media posts, technology helps businesses get to know their customers and employees and build relationships with them.

Twitter is one social channel many companies use, but few use it as well as they should to have truly beneficial interactions. Fifty-seven percent of users have discovered a new SMB on Twitter, and three out of five of their followers make a purchase from a company based on a tweet.

Social Trust Factor: 10 Tips to Establish Trust and Credibility for Your Brand

social trust factor 10 tips to establish trust and credibility for your brand

Many marketing and business leaders spend months developing an integrated online platform, brand architectures, message platforms, social media strategies and plans, logos, and more.

They then launch their business or new product with huge dreams to seriously rock the online world.

Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business [Infographic]

social video marketing tips for small business

If you haven't already heard, video is a big deal.

It's not necessarily as easy as putting together a blog post or uploading an image, but video content can do wonder for your social reach and engagement, and is worth considering for all businesses.

The Importance of Dark Social Is Rising - Here Are Some Tips on How to Track It

the importance of dark social is rising here are some tips on how to track it

Can you remember the last few posts you shared with your friends? Did you systematically tweet them one-by-one, or post them as Facebook updates?

Let me guess - instead, you shared them with someone particular via message, or in one of the WhatsApp groups you belong to. As digitally inclined as you are, it’s okay if you don’t want your social sphere to know every. Single. Thing you find amusing.

We Tried All the Best Pinterest Marketing Tips. Here's What Worked.

6-5pinIs your brand—personal or professional—on Pinterest?

Seventy million people are, with a large number of those being bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways. Though falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has its own special notes and best practices that help make it an extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the network.