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15 Best Growth Hacking Techniques and Ideas [Infographic]

15 best growth hacking techniques and ideas

To some, “growth hacking” might seem like the latest buzzword in marketing, but the practice is much more than a buzzword, and requires absolute focus on one thing: Growing as fast as possible.

This clever phrase was coined by Sean Ellis and has been popularized by fast-growing startups.

5 Content Promotion Techniques (and Tools to Help)

why visitors leave your website 9 annoying features you need to fix

It’s 5:49 pm on a Tuesday evening. You finish a blog post, hit publish and head to dinner. When you arrive at the office on Wednesday, you eagerly check your metrics only to find that your post barely attracted a handful of visitors. And one of them was your mom.

Facebook's Published a New Study Which Highlights Effective Mobile Video Techniques

facebooks published a new study which highlights effective mobile video techniques

Facebook has published a new study which examines the effectiveness of traditional video approaches – i.e. TV ads – when looking to reach modern, mobile consumers.

Working with Metrixlab, Facebook commissioned a study of some 759 video ads from 300+ brands, across nine verticals, and distributed across 25 countries.