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3 Free Ebooks on How to Create Personas, Measure, and Target Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy for Maximum Effectiveness


1-7CMOne of the more challenging things for modern marketers is coming up with a good 'rule of thumb' to help create personas for, measure the effectiveness of and target their content marketing effectively, and we understand that. So we're here to help, along with our friends at Oracle Marketing Cloud. They've come to the marketers' rescue by giving us three free ebooks covering some of the most challenging topics for marketers.

1. How to Create Personas For Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

As a business with a content marketing strategy, it's crucial to understand your target audience and the types of content they want to consume. Whether you've been creating content for years or are just getting started, it's important to take a step back and think about where your content will be most effective, and how that plays a role in your brand development or sales pipeline. Download the B2B Personas Guide from Oracle to help determine the right audience for your content.

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6 Marketing Jargon Terms Explained

marketing jargon explainedIt's important to truly comprehend the jargon that the industry tosses around so casually. Make a difference for your marketing campaigns with this terminology cheat sheet.

Can Ello Dethrone Facebook?

Brands are welcome to join Ello, but sponsored posts are out of the question, since the hottest new social network is adamantly against advertising.

E10-9Ello, the newest social media network on the block and the latest to offer an ad- and data-mining-free zone, promises to be the antithesis of Facebook. And with a manifesto that reads, "Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that's bought and sold," it certainly sells itself as just that.

But while Ello strives to be the antidote to Facebook, there are similarities between the two. For example, much like the early Facebook, Ello isn't accessible to the general public. Available only from current users or by submitting a request on the homepage - the platform is currently fielding 40,000 requests every hour — invitations are coveted enough that people are selling them on eBay for up to $50.

Facebook’s Audience Network Goes Global

FB10-7Facebook's Audience Network now allows advertisers around the globe to purchase ads powered by its targeting data that are hosted on third-party apps.

The social media giant officially launched the Audience Network at its f8 global developer conference in April of this year. The mobile ad platform is designed to help marketers deliver the most relevant ads on the right apps, and serves as a bridge between advertisers and developers. With it, advertisers no longer need to hire sales teams or need to figure out the right audience and measure by themselves. Developers too, can simply monetize their apps by hosting Facebook ads.

On Facebook’s Emotional Ad Targeting, the Manipulation of Younger Users, and the Concerns of Big Data

on facebooks emotional ad targeting

Facebook’s advanced ad targeting has again come under scrutiny after a recent report, published by The Australian, showed how – to quote the article:

“Facebook is using sophisticated algorithms to identify and exploit Australians as young as 14, by allowing advertisers to target them at their most vulnerable, including when they feel “worthless” and “insecure”, secret internal documents ­reveal.”

The report suggests that Facebook gave a presentation to one of Australia’s top four banks in which they showed how advertisers could use the network’s targeting tools to hone in on young people when they’re feeling ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’, and thereby use their emotional state to boost response to their ad content.

Pinterest boosts data, targeting with Instapaper deal

Pinterest buys InstapaperPinterest has bought Instapaper, the app that lets consumers save content to view later. The deal gives Pinterest access to more behavioral data, enabling it to better target content and upping its capabilities to rival Facebook as the place to go to discover new things.

Pinterest Narrows Ad Focus to Match Users’ Interest

pinterest adsPinterest is limiting its advertisement targeting to two categories as it tries to capitalize on the nearly 50 billion images the site houses. Identifies retailers and packaged-goods makers as core areas.

Image bookmarking service Pinterest Inc. is scaling back the breadth of its advertising ambitions, focusing more on attracting dollars from retailers and consumer packaged-goods companies while de-emphasizing other marketing categories.

Twitter Makes It Easier To Target Ads Around Big Events

7-23twiTwitter is announcing a straightforward way for advertisers to join conversations around major events.

Not that the service has lacked ads around, say, the Super Bowl. But Ameet Ranadive, the company’s senior director of revenue products, said that until now, buying those ads has been a “very manual” process, with advertisers piecing together the right keywords, Twitter handles and geographies to target.