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#Snapchat's daily video views at 10B because of user stories

snapchat storiesSnapchat's video views have grown to 10 billion a day, up from 8 billion in February, according to the company. "People's behavior is changing so that photos are being used as speech instead of a repository for memories," SunTrust Robinson Humphrey's Robert Peck said.

A Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories [Infographic]

a small business guide to instagram stories

It's almost impossible to deny the power and rising influence of the stories format.

Originated on Snapchat, Instagram has taken the Stories option and evolved it, providing new tools and options, and introducing them to the app's 800 million+ users.

How to Combine Instagram Stories Highlights and Story Links to Increase Conversions

instagram rolls out new direct message tools including remix and replay controls

In December 2017, Instagram rolled out Stories Highlights and Stories Archive, two new tools which enable users to hold on to their favorite memories from Instagram Stories.

These additional Stories features offer up precious new opportunities for brands to promote their content and attract new customers.

Instagram Gets A Bit Snapchatty

instagram storiesInstagram’s highly curated feed often feels like a museum full of people’s best work. Now, the company is adding a new section that’s more akin to a pop-up gallery show: messier, more chaotic, and with a see-it-now-or-miss-it-forever quality to it. This new section, called Stories, will play host to photos and video that don’t live in your main feed and, crucially, vanish after 24 hours.

Instagram Gives Users the Ability to Upload Basic Stories from the Web

instagram now lets you post any content to stories even if its older than 24 hours

Instagram is adding a new way for users to add Stories from the mobile web - though they’re not opening up native posting from desktop just yet.

There’s now a camera icon at the top left of the mobile web home screen. Tap on it and you’ll be able to take a photo, or add one from your library – but you won’t be able to save it like a regular Instagram post. Instead, what you will be able to do is add it to your Story.

Instagram Now Lets You Post Any Content to Stories, Even if it's Older than 24 Hours

instagram now lets you post any content to stories even if its older than 24 hours

Instagram has rolled out a new change for Instagram Stories which enables users to upload any photo or video content from their camera roll for their Story, even if that content is older than the previous 24 hour limit.

Instagram has been testing the expanded threshold for the last few months - some users reported seeing access to content from the last week in their Stories options back in September.

Instagram Provides New Opportunities with Stories Archive and Presentation Options

instagram rolls out new direct message tools including remix and replay controls

Instagram has announced a new archive and display process for Instagram Stories which will open up a range of new opportunities for the option.

The main update is ‘Stories Highlights’, which will enable users to display Instagram Stories content on their profile, with a new Stories bar being added below your bio info.


Instagram's Adding Some New Tricks, Including Text-Only Stories Screens and GIFs

7 ways to get more followers on instagram

As Instagram continues to pile pressure onto Snapchat, the Facebook-owned app keeps adding in smaller variations and tools to better differentiate its Stories option.

This week, users have reported a few different options in testing, expanding the possibilities of what you can do within the app.