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12 Simple Steps for Writing an Awesome Blog Post [Infographic]

12 simple steps for writing an awesome blog post

So you want to know how to write a blog post but you don't know where to start? Maybe you have a great idea but you're finding it difficult to put pen to paper.

Don't worry you're not alone - this is something a lot of bloggers go through. It takes time to find your groove, especially when you're new to blogging or writing in general.

7 Steps to Creating Effective Social Media Reports

do social platform founders limit the evolution of their companies

Social media is now a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, but in order to maximize your social media performance, you need to understand what’s driving clicks, what’s bringing engagement - what's working and what isn’t.

9 Steps to Jumpstart Your Lead Generation in 2018

9 steps to jumpstart your lead generation in 2018

I'm a believer in inbound marketing, because when executed properly it will generate leads, help you acquire customers, and turn up customer engagement.

Beyond that, it's a methodology you can tailor, to some extent, to fit your size. You don't need to spin up a new marketing arm of your company to get started.

Is Your Business Technology Ready to Compete in 2018? Steps You Can Take Now

is your business technology ready to compete in 2018 steps you can take now

The businesses that lead in today’s economy are increasingly becoming those that can pivot, adapt, and implement change almost as quickly as new threats and opportunities present themselves.

In contrast, companies which are stifled, siloed and unable to transition quickly are finding themselves falling further and further behind, and there is a point of critical mass where ultimately they will find themselves unable to compete against their more agile competition.