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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Split Testing Your Facebook Ads

3 reasons why you should be split testing your facebook ads

Digital marketers are always looking for tools to optimize their efforts. If you haven’t heard of Facebook Split Testing, don’t worry, but it might be the answer to some of your marketing optimization challenges.

Split Testing is a tool designed by Facebook that allows advertisers to run two different ads concurrently - essentially, this is Facebook’s own version of the A/B Test built into the platform. The tool allows you to test different aspects of your ad from audience to appearance.

Facebook Adds Split Testing, Improved Ad Analysis Options Within Ads Manager

facebook adds split testing improved ad analysis options within ads manager

In order to provide advertisers with more insights into what’s working – and what’s not – with their ad efforts, Facebook’s rolling out two new testing options which will enable more accountable, traceable experimentation with various creative aspects.

The first new option is creative split testing, which, as it sounds, will make it easier for advertisers to get data on varying ad approaches.