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11 Rules You Must Follow to Be a LinkedIn Marketing Master

M10-18At my company, Fusion Marketing Partners, we have a policy of not spending money on marketing or sales. We are “pull” (inbound) marketers to the core and this philosophy has served us well. Of course, we do lots of “push” (outbound) marketing for clients, but we try to move them in the direction of pull marketing in order to drive awareness and leads up and drive new customer acquisition costs down.

While we don’t incur direct marketing or sales expenses, there is definitely a cost in time and effort, and this is the tradeoff you will also have to make if you decide to adopt the pull marketing approach. As a B2B marketer, one of the best social media tools you can use is LinkedIn. It has gained us awareness, leads and revenue, and it can do the same for your company (as well as you as an individual). But to be successful with LinkedIn marketing, you need to follow some important rules, like:

4 Reasons Why You Need An Organic Social Media Strategy

4 reasons why you need an organic social media strategyDespite all of the pressure that social networks are putting on brands to spend money on paid social in order to reach their audiences, it’s important to understand that both organic and paid social media are needed to be truly successful.

Organic social media is the use of the free services and tools that each social media platform provides to its users. This includes posting status updates, links, and images with captions for your audience. The purpose of organic social media is to build a community of loyal followers and customers through posting relevant content, and interacting with those who interact with your brand. If you want to show customers your true values and culture, while also learning about the values of your customers, organic social media marketing is the best way to do so​.

5 Steps to Developing a Strong Social Media Strategy

5 steps to developing a strong social media strategy

With 2.8 billion active social media users, maintaining an active presence on these networks is becoming increasingly important in getting your business front of your ideal audience. These days, more and more consumers are looking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on social - in fact, research shows that a third of Millennials actually prefer to communicate with brands via social media.

Developing a strong social media marketing strategy will help boost brand awareness, increase followership, drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your sales funnel. In 2017, no brand should be without a plan that actively places their business on social media.

5 Strategies for Brands Playing Catch-up on Social Media Marketing

6-4bsmmThe best marketers have an uncanny ability to reject conventional wisdom and still succeed. Their approach is often just crazy enough that it works, winning fans, friends and, most importantly, customers.

For brands that are new to social media, or have been hesitant to invest in it due to how crowded and competitive it has become, here are five unorthodox marketing strategies that will deliver the brand awareness and sales your business needs.

Free How-To Cheat Sheet - Optimize Your Social Media Strategy for Lead Generation the Right Way


LG10-22As a social media marketer, you probably know that by tapping into social media channels, you can transform your lead generation efforts. In this guide, you'll get real world examples from successful marketers on how you can increase your lead generation efforts while still protecting your brand and generating positive buzz.

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Read this guide from Marketo to learn how:
• Social marketing is shifting away from company-to-buyer marketing, and toward peer-to-peer influence marketing
• Sharing socially amplifies your lead generation — great advice on how to get your audience to share
• The particular quirks, advantages, and best practices work for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and SlideShare
• To identify the key social components of a successful lead generation strategy

Free White Paper: How To Successfully Scale Your Social Efforts Across Your Entire Organization

HS11-19To see the full benefits of social media in your enterprise, you need to successfully scale your social efforts across your organization. That takes planning and a strong foundation. Download our white paper, "Organize Your Social Business" to get five tips to organize and integrate your enterprise's social media strategy—across all teams, departments, and business units.

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In this valuable free white paper you will gain insight on how to mandate social media use to positively impact all departments including how to:
• Integrate social into existing organizational and departmental goals.
• Listen to conversations about your brand and learn from your competitors.
• Engage to build community: Empower your Social Team to contribute to the conversation.
• Secure your online profiles to avoid publishing errant messages.
• Measure your social ROI: Build the capacity for measurement into every social action
• Amplify your outreach and invest in a social future

How does YOUR Social Media Plan stack up against 750 Global Organizations, including your competitors? Find out here for free!


HS12-17Do you know how your social strategy and execution stack up against what similar companies—including your competitors—are doing?

When you're busy working to develop your own social strategy, it can be tough to get perspective on where you stand—and whether you're falling behind.
So we commissioned a survey of over 750 enterprises around the world to develop a benchmark you can use to measure your own progress in adopting social media, and becoming a social business. Download your complimentary brand new 2014 report today to learn:

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How to Build a Social-Media Strategy That Works

5-12SM-newsletterSocial media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving into social media without a clear plan. At best, this is a waste of time – and at worst, it can lead to a PR disaster. To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you’re trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing.

How to Launch Your B2B Social Media Presence: A 30-Day Plan

1-5 planThis monthlong plan will help you develop a social media presence for your brand without having to pay for followers. Are you ready to get started?

I’m often asked how a B2B company should start building a social presence. My consultancy works with many start-ups in the ad technology and digital media space, developing their go-to-market strategies and often launching their first marketing campaigns.

How to Plan a Social Media Strategy in 12 Steps

12-10-8It's important to have a set strategy for your social media marketing efforts, or you'll be flying blind. Here are 12 steps to take to help you put together your own social media strategy.

Unless you're a popular celebrity or a big, iconic brand, a lot has got to come together in order for you to succeed on social media. Not only do you need to have an engaged, loyal audience and something valuable to offer them, you need to be able to maintain a strong social presence by sharing timely, relevant content on a nonstop basis.

Inside Wendy's Social Media Secret Sauce

inside wendys social media secret sauce

Even if you haven't had a Wendy's burger or Frosty in years, you've probably heard about their social media this year.

It started with their hilarious clapbacks, in which they called out everyone from McDonalds to trolls.

Pinterest’s Plans To Build Its International Playbook

5-26PpOn April 1st, Pinterest’s country manager in Japan Naoki Sadakuni got some of the engineering support he’d wanted for a while.

Five team members from Pinterest’s headquarters arrived to the company’s Tokyo office in an experiment the company is running called “Jumpstart.” It’s Pinterest’s first run at shipping a small team from the company’s home base in San Francisco to a remote office, and telling them to basically figure out how to make Pinterest better for that country.

The Digital Tools Our Experts Swear By

SM10-3Want to do anything better? Who doesn’t? We asked our favorite experts in digital marketing for the tools they swear by to build audience, stay productive and save money, time and hassle. Here’s what they’re using now.

To save time: Zapier
From Eric Siu, Single Grain
"Zapier saves me a lot of money because it connects the many different web applications as a business. For example, if someone fills out a lead form on our site we're immediately notified in our chat app so our sales guys can jump on it."

The Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master

4m10-4Social-media marketing used to be a two-step process: write and post. But today it has evolved into something that sometimes looks more like a NASA mission-control center operation. Dozens of software systems and screens monitoring, measuring and optimizing each campaign. 

But beneath all the complexities, the fundamentals of social-media marketing ultimately determine the outcome of campaigns. When marketers master the four Ms of social marketing, all the complexity amid a sea of tools and tactics can be distilled into a simple, successful game plan. 

The Steps Businesses Can Take to Avoid a Serious Social-Media Blunder (Infographic)

SMCDiGiorno Pizza has become the latest company needing to take an apology tour in the wake of some misused social media.

Following former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice's termination, hashtag #WhyIStayed, began trending on Twitter, as abuse survivors took to the micro-blogging platform to share their stories.

DiGiornio found itself in hot water after it tweeted a joke about pizza using the hashtag, without knowing the meaning behind it.

Top Annoying Social Media Habits to Avoid

Annoying Social Media Habits To AvoidThese days, having a stellar social presence is essential for online business growth, but simply creating profiles, getting followers, and posting whatever you want, whenever you want, isn’t enough to get there. There must be strategy, of course, but even when you operate within a strategy, there are a few things you can still get wrong. These are the top annoying social media habits I’ve seen brands committing regularly across social media – and I’m here to tell you to stop, right now. Even if you think you’re doing your brand some good, believe me, you’re not.

Twitter Sets Its Sights on Chinese Brands With New Hong Kong Office

t11-11Twitter's strategic decision to open an office in Hong Kong will create a stronger digital marketing channel for Chinese brands looking to go global.

Chinese companies may soon look to ramp up their global social media campaigns after Twitter announced plans to open a Hong Kong office next year.

The launch, first reported in the Wall Street Journal, gives Twitter a stronger platform to engage with outgoing Chinese brands, despite the fact that the company has been banned in China since 2009.

What's Missing From Your Facebook Ad Strategy

FB10-29Want to connect to potential customers on Facebook? Follow the same etiquette rules you'd use at a business conference.

"What we have to realize is it's kind of like meeting someone at a networking event, conference, or party... there has to be a relationship-build," says Keith Krance, author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

In this Google Hangout, Krance, president of Internet marketing consultancy Dominate Web Media, walks us through the three phases of engaging with customers via Facebook advertising, as well as a simple budgeting trick that will help you execute a rapport-building campaign.