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4 Cautionary Tips on Using Breaking News in Your Social Media Strategy

4 cautionary tips on using breaking news in your social media strategy

Social media and the concept of being “always connected” has forever changed the way news is produced - many would even argue that it has changed it for the worse.

There are a several key elements within this phenomenon - for one, the modern news cycle never stops.

5 Ways CEOs Can Heat Up Their Summer Social Media Strategy

5 ways ceos can heat up their summer social media strategy

How are CEOs planning to make the most of their summer via social media? As it turns out, many might just continue to take a break from it.

CNBC recently reported that only 20% of the Harvard Business Review’s list of 100 Top-Performing CEOs qualified as being engaged on social media. Of that percentage, 18 CEOs are on LinkedIn and seven are on Twitter, with only four on both platforms.

6 Stats to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

6 stats to improve your social media strategy

To achieve business results with social media marketing, you need to understand what your intended audience likes and dislikes. By understanding their motivations in engaging with your brand, you can tailor your social media strategy to ensure you're delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

A recent Sprout Social study of over 1,000 social media users uncovered some interesting stats that can help improve your social media strategy - here are some of the key findings.

The 4 Elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy

5 ways to use social media in your job search

Allocating dollars to social advertising is a great idea - even amid rising competition, the cost per result for social advertising campaigns is by far the best, in comparison to other forms of digital advertising. The key, of course, is to have a strong strategy, which requires a little more thinking, a little more forward planning before jumping in.

What's your digital content strategy for 2016?

digital marketing strategyDeveloping a 2016 digital content strategy that works

While the saying “content is king” still holds true today, content alone will not translate into results or separate your business from the competition. Content includes blogs, case studies, white papers, photos, videos, social media, infographics, memes, gifs, emojis and more. With all of these forms of content at your disposal, it’s more important — and complicated — than ever, to have a documented digital content strategy prior to implementing your initiatives.