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Millennials & Generation Z Rule the Focus of Social Marketing (But Should They?)

millenial gen-z marketingMillennials, that sought-after group comprising people 18-to-34 (depending on your interpretation), are the main focus of many social marketers.  However, these marketers are trying to cajole reactions out of a generation that doesn’t quite have as much spending power yet.  So why should we pay any attention to

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[New free eBook] Leveraging Psychology in Digital Marketing – the Smart Way to Build Customer Demand

3-19mktoHave you ever been in a checkout line after shopping and grabbed one of the chocolate bars, sodas or videos while you're waiting? Of course, we all have. When you're at your local grocery store, the last minute decision to buy an additional item is an impulse driven by consumer psychology.

Download Marketo's new ebook to see how incorporating these principles into your marketing campaigns can increase engagement and revenue for businesses of any size.

[New Free eBook] The Essential 2015 Social Media Resource Guide – How to Go from Start to Smart!

8-25actonannounEverything you ever wanted to know about the most effective social media venues that will work for you is here: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and a whole lot more. We all know that social media is an important integral component of any growing business. But with so many social media platforms available, creating and maintaining a social media presence can be daunting. Act-On takes the fear out of it with this great free, easy to digest eBook: http://bit.ly/1gVnKlt

10 Things I Learned at Social Shake-Up 2017

10 things i learned at social shake up 2017

After a one-year hiatus following the tragic death of its founder, the great Robin Fray Carey, the Social Shake-Up returned to Atlanta this week with the goal of “shaking things up” in the world of social media.

Although it could not possibly have hoped to recapture the magic that Robin brought to the event she called “her baby,” it was still an impressive assembly of nearly 600 social media professionals who work in the trenches for brands and nonprofits every day.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

6-28fbIf you are wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook business page, you are not alone. With over 1.440 billion monthly active users, the social network is attractive to businesses across the globe. While some businesses just have a Facebook page for the sake of having one, you can learn how to get the most out of your Facebook business page by applying best practices.

Here are ten things that can boost your Facebook page.

10 Ways Your CEO should be using social media

social ceosBusiness-to-business CEOs should be active on social media to generate excitement about their company and bring some personality to the brand. Foster goodwill by giving direct thanks to customers and staff on social sites, and use social to nip any crises in the bud.

12 Proven Tactics for Rapidly Growing Your Presence on Social Media

10-13twelveSocial media is not a clean formula. It can either intimidate people who have never managed a company account, or excite them with opportunities to elevate the medium. Over the past three months I've been working hard to grow both my personal and company brands on social media. It's been a big learning curve.

2015 Social Media Tactical Plan - The Smartest Strategy May Still Fail if You Don't Have the Right Tactics to Back it Up - Free Download


1-28MofferTo be a successful social media marketer, you need to develop a rocking strategy that includes high-level objectives and specific action items. Check out Marketo's new 2015 Social Media Tactical Plan to create a social strategy that truly engages and builds relationships with your audience! Use this sample plan to decide:

• Key objectives and action items that help achieve maximum integration
• Individual goals for each social network, including online video and photo sharing sites
• The most important, testable metrics for your campaigns so you know what is working and what is not
• How to best allocate your time and resources

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25 Digital-Marketing and Social-Media Experts to Follow on Twitter

9-3twitterTwitter is a great source of information. Every tweet is 140 characters or less, allowing you to quickly scan your feed and engage with the content that interests you. While this eliminates a lot of unnecessary noise, you still need to be following the right people if you want to be constantly flooded with great information.

27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From

MM10-2Everyone in marketing and public relations knows just how difficult the job can be. If you are just starting out, you are wise to learn from the key players on this list of industry leaders who have succeed in a big ways in this challenging field. They are all a little different but share these fundamental values:

  • Willingness to learn and try new things.

  • Patience with people.

  • A strong sense of pride in what they do.

  • Always able to overcome adversity.

3 Social-Media Mistakes That Are Killing Interest in Your Company

SM11-11So, you’ve turned your crusade into a cool campaign and now you want to get social-media influencers to not only support the initiative but also spread the word. While that is often the point of launching a social-media campaign, many times an entrepreneur's strategy can backfire -- resulting in more harm than good.

To make your social-media crusade a success, make sure don't do these three things.

3 Techniques That Will Double Your Social Media Content With Half the Effort

OM10-10Too often, doing social media can become a pain. This is especially true for startup environments, run by busy people with more “important” things to do than post on Twitter and check on Facebook engagement levels.

But we all know, deep down inside, that social media is important. And we know that we have to do it.

So we might as well figure out how to do more social media in less time and with less effort.

3 Tips for Promoting Your Products on Social Media

9-28tipsToday’s gift guides include printed pages and online formats to include more products than ever.

A great product can generate a lot of talk on social media by being presented attractively for digital consumption. Editors such as The Kit’s Michelle Bilodeau are looking to fill their corporate Instagram feeds as well as publication pages. 

3 Ways to Use Social Media to ‘Listen’ to the Competition

LI7-20Confession: I have a slightly unhealthy early morning ritual. For the last five years—since I launched Hootsuite—the very first thing I’ve done every day after I wake up is take a peek at what our competition is up to.

I use an appon my iPhone (you can probably guess which one) to see all of the social media mentions of my company and our competition on Twitter, Facebook and other networks. At a glance, I can see what’s being said about all the competitors in my industry and any big news that may have happened overnight. I get the kind of intel that used to take days to gather in a matter of minutes.

4 free eBooks & Working Templates to Help Boost Social Media Results


FR8-6Gotta love our friends at HubSpot... they always come through with really useful guides to help us do our job easier and faster! Here are four really useful resources that I'm sure you will find helpful, no matter the size of your company.

1. Free Template: How to Create Beautiful PowerPoints
Copy: Sharing visual and engaging content on social media is critically important for marketers. That is why HubSpot has created three eye-catching PowerPoint templates and video tutorials on tips and tricks in PowerPoint. Use these when creating all your social media images, and content to go with them!

Link: http://offers.hubspot.com/templates-create-beautiful-powerpoints?source=hspd-socialmediopolis-ppt-template-20140807
Short link: http://bit.ly/1oaE4Av

4 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Connect With Influencers on Social Media

social influencersSocial media is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to promote your brand within your target market, but you won’t have much of a reach on your own page.

Building relationships with social media influencers is your answer...

4 Reasons Brands Should Use Periscope

7-26periWhere else can you see the CEO of T-Mobile jogging through Central Park, a photojournalist reporting from North Korea, author Deepak Chopra chatting from his apartment in New York or a famed UFC fighter answering their fan’s questions?

The answer: Periscope.

4 reasons you shouldn't be afraid to be funny on social media

funnyonsocialfinalLaughter is a universal language and one of our first communication methods. Before we had spoken or written language, humans used laughter to express our enjoyment or accession with a certain situation. It's also a form of communication that bridges the gap between various languages, cultures, ages and demographics. So it's no wonder that funny memes and witty hashtags are such a hit on social media. In fact, according to one study, "humor was employed at near unanimous levels for all viral advertisements. Consequently, this study identified humor as the universal appeal for making content viral."

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Streamline Customer Service

4 ways to use social media to streamline customer service

Most modern businesses are still missing the mark when it comes to customer service - too many employ old and outdated strategies that are no longer effective in improving the client experience.

What some business fail to understand is that many of these older process are now obsolete - there’s a new sheriff in town called social media, and so indomitable is its mark that no business owner can afford to ignore it if they want to reach new echelons in the corporate world.

5 Key Local Social Media Marketing Tactics [Infographic]

5 key local social media marketing tactics

Social marketing makes sense for digital businesses, right? They’re online-based, so of course their marketing would be digital.

Well, kind of.

There are many web-based businesses that have had incredible success with traditional print/outdoor/TV/mail marketing efforts, and there are many local brick-and-mortar businesses that have enjoyed explosive growth through digital marketing.

When it comes down to which avenue you choose (or which combination, more likely), the “type” of business you are has little to do with it.

5 largely untapped ways to drive loyalty using social media

customer loyaltyCreating customer loyalty is usually the result of two things: 1) forming emotional bonds with customers and 2) catering to their needs. Brands that can do both of these things have a rock-solid foundation to develop customer relationships. But gaining initial customer loyalty is only half the battle!

5 of the Cleverest Marketing Campaigns in Recent Times

9-19fiveThere are marketing campaigns and then there are clever marketing campaigns. The former may resonate with you, but they’ll rarely stick with you. The latter are memorable and unique. How would you grade your marketing campaigns? Are they clever, or merely average? If you need a little inspiration, check out the following case studies involving five clever marketing campaigns that dared to be different.

5 Reasons Social Media Is Not Working for You

6-15smEverybody is on social media now. OK, that is a slight exaggeration. Only 2 billionof the planet’s 7.2 billion people have active social media accounts. What is even more incredible is that there are almost 1.7 billion active mobile social users now.

Strictly from a business opportunity standpoint, I would like to say, “wow!” How and where else can you reach almost a third of the earth’s population so easily, so cheaply and so personally? It is a marketer’s dream and, if you are doing it right, you should be using social media marketing to dominate your market.

5 Reasons Your Online Business Isn't Growing

9-28 fiveToday, your business can either fail or succeed based off of how well you do on the Internet. You may have an online business, or a component of your business is online, but either way, your sales online dramatically affect your growth. When companies release their quarterly reports, the growth of the business online affects whether investors buy or sell shares in that company.

5 Steps to Developing a Strong Social Media Strategy

5 steps to developing a strong social media strategy

With 2.8 billion active social media users, maintaining an active presence on these networks is becoming increasingly important in getting your business front of your ideal audience. These days, more and more consumers are looking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on social - in fact, research shows that a third of Millennials actually prefer to communicate with brands via social media.

Developing a strong social media marketing strategy will help boost brand awareness, increase followership, drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your sales funnel. In 2017, no brand should be without a plan that actively places their business on social media.

5 Strategies for Brands Playing Catch-up on Social Media Marketing

6-4bsmmThe best marketers have an uncanny ability to reject conventional wisdom and still succeed. Their approach is often just crazy enough that it works, winning fans, friends and, most importantly, customers.

For brands that are new to social media, or have been hesitant to invest in it due to how crowded and competitive it has become, here are five unorthodox marketing strategies that will deliver the brand awareness and sales your business needs.

5 Things Brands Need to Know About Marketing to Moms [Infographic]

5 things brands need to know about marketing to moms

Mother's Day is coming up, which makes it a perfect time to share this new infographic from MDG Advertising which looks at the most effective ways for for marketers to reach mothers, along with an overview of their media consumption and evolving digital habits.

And while we're probably more focused on buying something for our mothers than marketing to them this week, it serves as a good reminder of consumer expectations, in line with the event.

5 Ways Brands Can Use Periscope and Meerkat

6-5smVideo is a popular form of content for brands, but live streaming makes it even more enticing.

According to The Daily Dot, Periscope generated about 51,000 tweets during its March 26 release, and Meerkat—which was released Feb. 27—garnered more than 200,000 tweets about the app by the end of March.

As social media users—including celebrities and brand managers—flock to these apps, the buzz grows. According to Alex Pettitt, there were more than 36,500 tweets about Periscope for Android on its May 28 release, compared with 136 the day before.

5 Ways eCommerce Businesses Can Get More Out of Social Media Marketing

5 ways ecommerce businesses can get more out of social media marketing

Social media sites might be all about baby photos, celebrity gossip, and selfies for most of the general public, but for eCommerce business owners, they’re tools and channels for driving growth.

In eCommerce, it's becoming increasingly harder to survive without actively participating in social media communities. The expectations from consumers are too high, the competition is too fierce, and the opportunities and potential ROI are too great to ignore.

5 Ways to Convert Casual Blog Readers Into Social Advocates

8-2blogDo you know the 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto Principle)? Essentially, it states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your inputs -- or, in practice, that 80 percent of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your blog readers. While that’s great in theory, it doesn’t always apply if you’re an entrepreneur that’s just started a blog.

5 Ways to Turn Around Your Struggling Social Media Marketing Campaigns

5 ways to turn around your struggling social media marketing campaignsIn the Age of Information, social media is one of the most effective tools for brands to generate attention.

Research shows that 81% of Millennials check Twitter at least once a day, while 1.28 billion people log onto Facebook daily.

But unfortunately, there are no trophies just for showing up with social media marketing. Even if you’re putting in hours of work every day to promote your brand, there's no guarantee that you’ll achieve the results you desire.

6 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

6 instagram rules improve social articleVisual content is a key element to your social media marketing strategy.

In fact, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images and receives more social shares. This statistic is for real, proving that having a visual content plan is vital to attracting qualified prospects to your funnel in generating leads and increasing exposure.

And with over 600 million active users, Instagram is now a key consideration - not only is the platform buzzing with your target audience, it’s an ideal option for executing your visual strategy. Top brands are successfully using Instagram to boost their brand image, foster follower relationships, and increase revenue. Including Instagram in your digital marketing strategy can accelerate real growth in your business.


7 Key Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

mistakes social mediaUsed the wrong way, social media can have a negative impact on your business. One little error can set your brand's reputation back for a long time. Making mistakes is human. But how can you stay alert and make sure your brand avoids the most common slip-ups?

Let’s take a look at these 7 key social media to mistakes mistakes to avoid.

8 Reports That Every Marketer Needs

6818  essential8 landingNo matter what type of marketing you specialize in (whether it’s social, events, email, content, website or another type) you always need to be able to track and report on your programs. In today's economy, CEOs and CFOs want to hear about growing revenue and profits. But how can you prove your impact without knowing the key high-level metrics to track? Check out Marketo’s ebook, Essential 8 Marketing Reports, to review the top reports that every marketer needs to confidently track program performance.

9 Huge Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making on Social Media

9-29mistakeMost business owners now use social media as a marketing, lead-generation and customer-service tool. In fact, in a recent industry survey, 92 percent of marketers contacted called social media important to their business. Yet, despite the widespread use of social media, many business owners are inadvertently damaging their brand through their efforts, rather than growing and building their business. 

A Guide to Social Marketing for Small Businesses

guide to social small business article imageSocial media marketing has really come of age in the last few years. This is particularly important for smaller businesses to understand, because social media has levelled the playing field to the point that smaller brands now have a genuine chance of competing on the same platforms as their larger competitors.

If your brand is looking to dabble in social media marketing, then there are a few important considerations you should bear in mind first. Read our pointers below and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.

Start with a narrow focus

It’s tempting to sign up for every social network known to man and start posting away to your heart’s content. However, this scattergun approach is not advisable. Focus on one social network, initially at least. Once you’ve learnt the ropes there, move onto another.


Are 1 in 5 companies missing the point of social media?

sm7-11The need for companies to have a presence on social media is pretty much accepted wisdom now. Sure there are a few outliers who think that it’s all just a passing fad, but for the most part people get that they need to be there. The thing is, being on a social platform and using a social platform effectively are two very different things.

In fact, new research suggests that a lot of brands are getting some fairly fundamental things wrong. The research, which comes from Sprinklr — a company that specialises in enterprise social relationship infrastructure — shows that 20% of companies rarely, if ever, respond to customer complaints made via social.

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SMSS9-4Social Media Success Summit 2014 is a special online conference designed to help you master social media marketing, brought to you by the experts at Social Media Examiner. Forty-five of the world's leading social media pros will show you how they succeed with social. This takes place totally ONLINE over three weeks – and the best part is that by registering, you also get access to replays of everything, in case you miss some sessions. To see the whole itinerary and the slew of events...

Click here: http://bit.ly/ViiHQO

Are You Team-Player Enough to Let the Company Post to Your Facebook Page?

8-13teamFBIf you’re like me, your social media accounts are personal and sacred. Posting company news isn’t something I do very often, but I run my own business, so I am inclined to do a little self-promotion once in awhile. Recently I’ve seen more and more people mixing business with pleasure on social networks. LinkedIn for example is seeing an upturn of people posting personal stories compared to previous business-only content. Facebook is also seeing this mix.

Boost your traffic 12%+ with 10 Free Infographic Templates in PowerPoint

6-4tempDid you know that 99% of all sensory information is filtered out by the brain almost immediately? This is especially true of digital information in the form of words. It's no wonder that more and more companies are creating Infographics, a powerful tool for capturing the attention of your target audiences. In fact, businesses that publish infographics grow their traffic an average of 12% more than those that don't. This is because people immediately respond to well produced graphics.Click here

Brands to Spend Big on Social Media This Holiday Season (Infographic)

HS10-8Social media is no longer an experiment. With more than 1.5 billion active users on Facebook and Twitter alone, social media has matured into a critical channel for retailers looking to get a big chunk of the estimated $650 billion that will be spent on holiday shopping this season.

According to recently released research from digital marketing platform Offerpop, 67 percent of marketers plan to increase their social media budgets this holiday season. Brands also appear to be sticking to proven social media platforms, with 92 percent of marketers saying they will spend the majority of their budget on Facebook.

Building credibility and social media influence

social media influenceBefore launching a social marketing campaign, you need to determine your goals, writes Karen Repoli. It's important to figure out where your target customers spend their time online and to offer content that fits their needs.

Content Marketing's Secret Sauce [INFOGRAPHIC]

5-7SSContent Marketing Discontent?

How would you rate your content marketing? Do you produce enough content? Frequently enough? Are you hitting your goals?

You're not alone if you suspect the whole content marketing thing could be going more smoothly. According to a new infographic (below) from the team at Bloomfire, 70% of marketers say their content programs lack consistency and an overall strategy. More than two-thirds of marketers say they don't have enough time to develop all the content they need.

Could Your Posts Pass Guy Kawasaki's Social Media Test?

1-5GKIn his latest book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, Guy Kawasaki explains what it takes to create posts that will deliver value to your followers, build your brand and share your story. The chief evangelist at Canva, an Australia-based graphics-design service, says that "good stuff" comes in four forms:

  • Information. What happened?
  • Analysis. What does it mean? 
  • Assistance. How can I do that?
  • Entertainment. Posts that amuse and surprise.

Diet Coke’s New Campaign Taps Social Media to Amplify Its Message

C9-26The soda brand will use social channels to spread the message of its "Get a Taste" campaign, engaging the soft drink's biggest fans in areas where they go to express themselves.

Diet Coke's new omnichannel "Get a Taste" campaign aims to bring more enjoyment to life's mundane moments - like air travel - by asking the question, "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" The integrated initiative will look to digital video, print, radio, and out-of-home advertising, as well as DietCoke.com and its social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage consumers. 

Employees on Social Media? Have No Fear

employees-social-mediaIncreasingly, organizations are terrified of the specter of employees on social media. What could go wrong? How can they protect themselves?

Despite even my own words of caution in my recent Forbes.com column, Can An Employee’s Tweet Land An Employer In Court? I can attest that with a few preparatory steps, not only can organizations alleviate most risk, they can turn their employees’ social media activities into branding benefits and revenue gold.


Enough Smoke … Here is How To Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

clearing the smoke on social media marketing

I am still amazed at the “dive-in” mentality that is prolific across brands (and agencies) when it comes to executing a social media marketing strategy. Most people start out with an idea of what they want to do without doing the required due diligence, social audits, and overall marketing integration work to set a strong strategy.

When you are developing a social strategy, there are some tasks that should be formally implemented and there is also an informal mentality/approach that is required for success.

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? The Secret to Finding the Right Social Media Site for Your Business.

6-30smIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the social media changes. Now with the launch of Meerkat and Periscope and the recent Twitter/Google deal it seems loud and clear that social media is the best, and most innovative, place to gain more exposure and more customers for your small business.

If you’ve been in business for a while you’ve probably tested one or more social media sites. And maybe you’re on all of them because you feel like being everywhere is an important part of your marketing? But the truth is that it’s not. In fact, it’s not about being everywhere but everywhere that matters. Why? Because effective social media isn’t quantity, it’s quality, and this goes for likes and followers, too.

Facebook's Been Running Psychological Experiments On You

FB-exp-7-3-2Felt a little lower than usual, or happier than usual for a week in January 2012? It might have been because of an "experiment" Facebook conducted on you.

Facebook identified 689,003 English speaking users to run a psychological experiment on, for the duration of a week. They began to manipulate the newsfeed of a group of these users to remove posts with a negative emotion attached to them, and removed all posts with a positive emotion for the other group.

Flipboard Confirms New $50M Funding Round From JP Morgan

7-26flipFlipboard has confirmed to us that it has raised $50 million, two days after we first reported that the company had authorized the shares earlier this year. JP Morgan was the sole investor, the company says. “We raised this round with JP Morgan, one of the best institutional investors in the world. They are a fantastic team to have on board,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The funding will be used to build out the product and team, the company said.

Forget CPM - It's Time For Time To Be The New Metric

Metrics8-4There's something in the air and if you want to know what it is, take a look at Biz Stone and Evan Williams. The Twitter co-founders' Medium site has signed up its first content sponsor, BMW, and the big news is that the car brand is not paying by impressions or click. Instead, the metric is time.

It's been a prediction of mine for quite some time that while cost per click (CPC) will probably have a future in direct-response campaigns, particularly around ecommerce, cost per thousand impressions (CPM) as a metric will likely be replaced a time or audience share metric, or possibly a combination of the two.

Free How-To Cheat Sheet - Optimize Your Social Media Strategy for Lead Generation the Right Way


LG10-22As a social media marketer, you probably know that by tapping into social media channels, you can transform your lead generation efforts. In this guide, you'll get real world examples from successful marketers on how you can increase your lead generation efforts while still protecting your brand and generating positive buzz.

Click here to download: http://bit.ly/1wgVPPL

Read this guide from Marketo to learn how:
• Social marketing is shifting away from company-to-buyer marketing, and toward peer-to-peer influence marketing
• Sharing socially amplifies your lead generation — great advice on how to get your audience to share
• The particular quirks, advantages, and best practices work for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and SlideShare
• To identify the key social components of a successful lead generation strategy

Free Master Guide: How to Maximize Social Marketing Integration Across All of Your Business Units

9-2mktoThis year, social is one of the most important channels you can leverage for increasing your marketing ROI. The question is no longer 'Should I be doing social?', it's more about 'How can I optimize social for the best ROI?' Social is now a strategy that must be present in every aspect of your marketing campaigns, from content strategies to advertising to customer service. Every function in your company should enroll social media as an underlying support theme. Click here

Free Webinar: 6 Easy Ways to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers


Many people say that social media marketing is a waste of time because people don't use social media to make purchases. These people are mistaken because they don't know this: http://bit.ly/1mVGY62 

At 9am PST, 12pm EST this Thursday (July 31st) Heyo will be presenting an industry report compiled from over 250,000 social media campaigns via a webinar. This report will focus on the top 6 strategies you can easily use to convert fans into paying customers.

Your free industry report: http://bit.ly/1mVGY62

Free webinar: How to Find Qualified Leads through LinkedIn, Automatically – Wednesday, July 8th, 12:00 PM PST

7-1mojoIs new business critical for your business success? Of course it is. But as you probably already know, the most important question is not about generating a ton of hit or miss leads, but capturing QUALIFIED leads that don't waste your sales people's precious time.

Mojo Global has put together a kick @ss webinar that shows you how to build a lead generation machine that automatically builds your sales funnel. It's pretty impressive, but you need to see for yourself how it works.

Click here to reserve your spot for this important LinkedIn training: http://bit.ly/1Ksmy3P

Free Webinar: Social Media Marketing Intelligence, the Key to Marketing Success

3-31offerWe all know that Social Media has become the indispensable marketing tactic for companies of all sizes. Due to the fast paced, ever changing technology landscape Social Media marketing is a challenge for marketers to stay on top. Here is a great free resource to help you hone your skills and stay current:

1. Social Media Intelligence - FREE Webinar

While many companies have recognized the importance of Social Media marketing, there is still huge gaps into way social conversations are translated into marketing intelligence. Attend this free webinar and learn how to leverage social conversations and turn them into marketing intelligence.

Click here: http://bit.ly/1NyvdQM

Free White Paper: How To Successfully Scale Your Social Efforts Across Your Entire Organization

HS11-19To see the full benefits of social media in your enterprise, you need to successfully scale your social efforts across your organization. That takes planning and a strong foundation. Download our white paper, "Organize Your Social Business" to get five tips to organize and integrate your enterprise's social media strategy—across all teams, departments, and business units.

Click here: http://ow.ly/Er3xL

In this valuable free white paper you will gain insight on how to mandate social media use to positively impact all departments including how to:
• Integrate social into existing organizational and departmental goals.
• Listen to conversations about your brand and learn from your competitors.
• Engage to build community: Empower your Social Team to contribute to the conversation.
• Secure your online profiles to avoid publishing errant messages.
• Measure your social ROI: Build the capacity for measurement into every social action
• Amplify your outreach and invest in a social future

Getting Social Media Marketing Right the First Time

getting-social-marketing-right-first-timeJust four years ago, I felt like you do. Social media was another language. Foreign. Frightening.

Your insecurities are natural… Will I look lame? Am I too late to the party? Will anyone care what I have to say?

Let ‘em go. Relax. Social media is a conversation. You can join any time. Join now. You’ll be welcomed.

Here are over 101 Free Resources to Start 2015 off the right way... Happy New Years, Everyone!


12-31ebookHere are over 100 free eBooks, planning guides, templates and other valuable resources, all free of charge! Be sure to look at the different categories as well as the highlighted selections. Download as many as you want at no charge.

1. "2015 Social Marketing Planning Guide"

Kick off 2015 with a fresh social marketing strategy.

2015 is going to be a great year for social marketers, but to make the most of it you'll need a fine-tuned social strategy. This guide is your countdown to the New Year with ten fresh tactics based on the 2014 trends expected to shape the coming year, and ways you can refine your brand's social strategy for success.

Download this guide to learn:
• What changed in social marketing in 2014
• How you can expect social media to change in 2015
• Ways for you to take advantage of the latest social media trends

Click here: http://bit.ly/1K1rZ9r

Here Is How to Boost Your Social-Media Following

7-25boostQ: What's your number-one tip to boost your social-media following?

A: First of all, I’m going to state right there’s no one single way to boost your social-media following. It takes a matrix of methods and a continuous commitment to create, establish, build and maintain a social media presence and following.

Here's Why There's No Dislike Button on Facebook

FB10-22Like it or not, social media is an integral part of our lives. But sometimes, the etiquette can be a little fuzzy, especially when your only option is to hit that "like" button.

How do you properly acknowledge an event like a death in the family? Or share your opinion about a headline without participating in a quickly devolving comment thread? If you choose to "like" that post about your co-worker's surgery or your friend's kid's missing pet, will it come off as supportive or flippant?

How a Gym Owner Went From Struggling to Make Rent to World Renowned

7-18gymOne of the most amazing things that I do every week is talk with world-class achievers. These men and women work in different industries, but they are people who have reached the top of their professions and overcame an incredible amount of hardships to get to where they are now.

How Bluenose reduced its customers’ time-to-value to a mere 49 days

2-26BNWhen it comes to marketing technology of any kind, whether it be CRM, marketing automation, social media management, or website analytics, only one thing really matters.

The tool you invest in has to make you more money than you spend on it.

The problem with that statement? A lot of what marketers do is hard to quantify, difficult to measure, and is more of an art than a science. The counter-problem? The C-suite wants hard numbers, not flimsy promises of future value.

How Consensus Forms on Social Networks

social consensusSocial networks are undoubtedly a major part of modern life, and an increasingly common aspect of organizational life. There has been considerable discussion around the value of such networks however, particularly when it comes to forming opinions. There have been a few studies recently that suggest that social networks do little to promote divergent thinking and ideas, thus often resulting in a kind of sanitized group think. All of which isn’t so great for companies trying to be a bit more innovative. 

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

fb8-5Joao Rodrigues had been listening and holding his tongue. For a day and a half, brand managers, ad agency creative types and Facebook strategists had gathered in airy conference rooms and around cafeteria tables in Facebook’s Madison Avenue offices, filling up whiteboards and scratch pads with one heartfelt or clever tagline after another.

The idea was to come up with a big, sweeping campaign to market MegaRed, a premium alternative to fish oil pills, to users of the social network. Each ad had to be so compelling that it would get people to stop scrolling through their news feeds — what Facebook calls a thumbstopper.

How Far Is Too Far in the Race for Eyeballs?

EB12-2The war for eyeballs online has gotten pretty grotesque. There is seemingly nothing that is off limits. And yet, as an entrepreneur, if you are trying to grow your business, it can feel as though you need to play the game, or risk losing customers -- and revenue.

But at least one company says it has come to the edge of acceptable and it is backing away from the line. Or, in this case, perhaps it is more apt to say, it has come to the edge of the cliff and is erring towards caution.  

How I Finally Snagged My Dream Domain Name

DN9-18One entrepreneur explains how she was able to get the perfect URL for her startup and what lessons she learned along the way. Last week, after almost two full years of being called S.W. Basics, we finally secured our dream url: swbasics.com. Up until now, the url was privately held, and we've been directing people to a much more clunky website address of swbasicsofbk.com (with the bk standing for Brooklyn). You'd be surprised how difficult that is to spell out for people and how confusing it can be. Not to mention that sometimes I'd lay awake at night wondering how many customers we were losing when swbasics.com didn't lead them easily to us. 

How Is UGC Changing Content Marketing?

9-29ucgConsumers find the word-of-mouth nature of user-generated content to be particularly trustworthy, which has resulted in a surge of popularity comparable to that of influencer marketing.

"User-generated content" (UGC) may have become a clichéd marketing buzzword, but it's still one that resonates enough with consumers to have shifted the nature of content marketing.

How Marketers Should Approach the New Twitter

1-30twDespite a user base of nearly 300 million, Twitter recently announced plans to ramp up new account signups, along with a host of other offerings aimed at both individual and business customers. Reporting from Twitter’s first Analyst Day event in November, 2014, Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman said the company “plans to speed up its product development process to ease the onboarding process, broaden content syndication efforts, expand the overall app ecosystem and continue building up ad products.”

How to Be a Better Social Marketer in 2017 [Infographic]

how to be a better social marketer in 2017

It’s no surprise that social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms today. Just in 2016, there were 2.3 billion active users across all social platforms and more than 1.9 billion active mobile social users worldwide--and that number is growing.

The majority of marketers (83% of all marketers to be exact) say that social media marketing efforts have led to a boost in sales and brand identity. If your business is struggling to see positive ROI from your social media marketing, it might be time to upgrade your social strategy.

How to Build a Social-Media Strategy That Works

5-12SM-newsletterSocial media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving into social media without a clear plan. At best, this is a waste of time – and at worst, it can lead to a PR disaster. To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you’re trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing.

How to Define Social Influence

defining social influenceLately, I’ve been reconsidering who I think are influencers in and on my business. There are those who you follow and hang on every word and there are those you watch from afar with admiration but caution.

Who we let influence us, both professionally and personally, says a lot about who we are. Are you easily swayed or does it take some research and work? 

How to Improve Your Facebook Clickthrough Rates With Better Images

FBB11-11In their book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, online marketing and Facebook ad experts Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche explain the game-changing tactics of paid Facebook Ads and how you can gain more on your investment—in clicks, customers and profits. In this edited excerpt, Krance and Meloche offer tips on using images in your Facebook ads to attract attention.

In Facebook ads, the picture is flat out more important than the text. Perhaps 80 percent of the click-effectiveness of your ad will be determined by the image you choose and the headline you provide for that image, with 70 percent coming from the image alone.

How to Perk Up Your Dying Facebook Page

FB-page-7-3The way marketing is done on Facebook is very much different from how it’s done on television, radio, or in print. In order to effectively utilize the social media site as a marketing platform, you must know how to maximize its different unique features first. Only then can you have a stronger foothold in the online competition and rake revenues from social channels.

Because of the need for an exclusive advertising approach, most businesses tend to have difficulty reaching their desired goals after setting up a Facebook business Page. It’s therefore important to know what techniques can be used to make your Page fully functional.

How to Plan a Social Media Strategy in 12 Steps

12-10-8It's important to have a set strategy for your social media marketing efforts, or you'll be flying blind. Here are 12 steps to take to help you put together your own social media strategy.

Unless you're a popular celebrity or a big, iconic brand, a lot has got to come together in order for you to succeed on social media. Not only do you need to have an engaged, loyal audience and something valuable to offer them, you need to be able to maintain a strong social presence by sharing timely, relevant content on a nonstop basis.

How to Save at Least 2 Hours Per Week on Social-Media Marketing

9-19twoSocial-media marketing can be overwhelming for anyone, especially small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once -- to be fully active on every social-media site out there.

How Using Images in Social Marketing Can Help Improve Business

social media marketing 1It is fascinating that the world has taken to Social Media as fish takes to water. However, sometimes there looms a feeling of monotonousness and replication as to what we are seeing or reading. What you need to keep your community or followers engaged is a spark that can generate interest and initiate a discussion. At the end, our brains are more likely to be responsive to stimuli that incites an emotional reaction.


How Will You Use LinkedIn for Your B2B Marketing?

b2b 3There are a number of great ways to do your B2B marketing online these days. Any business owner that wants to grow and increase their reach would be wise to consider multiple options.

With this in mind, it is now worth considering whether or not the time is right to use LinkedIn for this important job. The answer is that it could be very worthwhile if you take the time to go about it in the right way. So how will you do this?

How You Can Generate Results From Promoted Pins on Pinterest

9-20resultsPinterest has been steadily building itself as a deeply powerful social referral machine. While not as big as its competitors, Pinterest’s devoted users and ability to manufacture intent have made it a great way to drive valuable traffic to your site.

In addition, Pinterest is unlike other social networks in that their posts have real staying power, and can drive long-term value and traffic.

In social media, quality beats hype

Social media marketing is the online equivalent of flyering: there’s you, going about your business and there’s the marketing person, shoving a piece of paper in your face. Of course, you have the option to decline the flyer and be on your way. Or, you may accept it and read what it has to say. If you do happen to take a moment to glance at the leaflet’s content, the next step is deciding if it’s convincing enough to act upon—the same way that you decide if you’ll click the link on a marketing tweet or ignore it and keep scrolling down the feed.

This could be why, on the Business Journals Web site last week, millennial trends consultant Jeff Fromm boldly declared, “Social media marketing is dead,” in the sense that “the idea that social media marketing is the most effective approach to win over millennials” isn’t necessarily true. Even if (and precisely because) that demographic is a group of heavy social media users.

Increase Engagement on Twitter With Solid Tactics Backed by Research

1-8twIf getting more from your company's social-mediachannels is one promise your marketing team made at the start of this year, then increasing engagement should be on the list of expected outcomes.

Having more people interacting with your company's social-media profile raises the likelihood of more eyeballs on your content and brings you more opportunity to glean valuable data about what they think about your products or services -- in real time.

Instagram Upgrades Editing, Search, and Explore Features

I11-11-1Instagram listened to its users and determined that it was time to evolve its system to meet the needs of consumers. So on November 10, Instagram released iOS version 6.2 for Apple and version 6.10 for Android users, which include some very significant upgrades to the system.

Typeahead Search Functionality

Speed is essential on an app like Instagram, and the platform says it has "made some improvements under the hood to make it easier and faster to find the accounts you’re searching for." This includes typeahead search, which will auto-populate results as users begin typing in letters.

Introducing the Power Users of Social Media You Want to Reach

P10-14Many probably believe milllennials are the most active and influenced users of social media since representatives of this generation have played with electronic gadgets and computers earlier than members of any other generation.  

 “Younger users are more susceptible” to social-media messages, especially those emanating from influential users, Brock University professor Anteneh Ayanso wrote in his new book Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Analytics.

Invaluable social marketing tips from the legendary Guy Kawasaki – and they're free


GK9-4Over the past year HubSpot has partnered with Guy Kawasaki to bring his social media expertise to the HubSpot audience, and they wanted to share it with you as well! Check out three free awesome resources to help you grow your social media following, and create awesome social media posts to increase engagement and reach.

1. Guy Kawasaki's 10 Tips for Building a Social Media Following [On-demand recording]
Guy has over 7.5 million followers! He must be doing something right. Access his top tips for free in this on-demand recording of Guy Kawasaki on how he grew his social media following.
Access it here: http://bit.ly/1x5VPpe

Is Social Media Killing Your Small Business?

8-17smToday, everyone wants to be the King (or Queen!) of social media. We need to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and, of course, Pinterest. But is it possible that being everywhere at once might actually be hurting your business?

Is Twitter Making a Comeback? Some New Treats for Marketers

5-22TwFor anyone who pays attention to the stock market (which I don’t) or the news (which I do), it’s clear that Twitter hasn’t been looking so hot these days. Last month, the social platform fell short of its projected revenue for the first time as a public company. Somewhat embarrassing, right? Twitter’s much younger cousin Instagram even surpassed its monthly active user count when it hit 300 million monthly active users back in January.

It's No Longer a Question Whether to Use Social Media for Customer Service

CS10-22It was just a year or two ago that customer-facing businesses thought they could do without social media if they weren’t looking to serve younger or tech-savvy customers. That wasn’t true then and it certainly isn’t true now.

Social media has become a leading medium for consumers to voice opinions about their every interaction they have with a company and its products or services. Expectations of speedy replies and immediate attention have raised the bar.

KPIs for Your Social Media Dashboard

KPI9-22Ever wondered what you really need to measure in order to gauge your success on social networks? The social conundrum is that we often find it hard to report on the success of given initiatives, while at moments we get overwhelmed with a stream of stats and indicators, struggling to make sense of it all. Too much data, or not enough? Here are the key performance indicators (KPI) I typically focus on with my clients, so I hope you find this useful!

NOTE: These are metrics that ought to be followed by social media managers, in order to report progress and performance of given accounts on these social networks. It’s assumed these metrics must be aligned with business metrics, i.e. sales growth, increase awareness, generating leads, etc. but it isn’t the focus of this post.

Last 5 Years of Social Media Marketing #SMTLive Recap

last 5 years of social media marketing smtlive recap

In case you missed it, here's a recap from our April 11th live Twitter chat looking back on the past five years of social media marketing; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Special thanks to our guest host, Deborah Sweeney (CEO of My Corporation and SMT Influencer).

Lead Generation Strategies for Every Channel- Go For the Gold! [Free In-Depth Guide]


1-26MKToffer2Today's buyer is self-directed and multi-tasking continually, which means marketers have to work even harder to spread their message across multiple channels. That's why Marketo created the Definitive Guide to Lead Generation to help your marketing team find better leads, enhance relationships with potential customers, and close deals faster. "Thar's gold in them thar hills" and this great guide full of useful nuggets will help you dig it out.

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