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3 Steps to Boost Your Social-Media Marketing With Image Tagging

9-8threestepsVisual marketing has become a critical component of reaching target customers in today's competitive business landscape. In fact, 20 percent of marketers report that their visual content has been twice as effective than their text content. The reason is the power of visual marketing. To boost that power even more, consider using image tagging to give your images enhanced context while also making them easier to locate.

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Isn't Working

5 reasons why your social media marketing strategy isnt working

With the recently announced Facebook News Feed Algorithm update, there's been a lot of short-sighted advice being handed out in response.

With the increased suppression of organic reach for brands, people have suggested everything, from focusing on Facebook Groups only, to abandoning Facebook altogether.

How to market your app successfully

marketing your appBack in June 2015, the number of apps available through Apple's App Store passed 1.5 million, and even more are available on Google Play. With so many apps competing for the same space on a user's phone, how can developers ensure that their offering takes the lead?

Smaller Brands Winning in Social

social smarts helping beauty brandsSocial media is booming for beauty brands. But, a new report suggests there are some diseconomies of scale in social and its really the small brands that are winning.

The Latest Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know [Infographic]

the latest social media marketing best practices you need to know

Every day, around the world, the typical digital consumer is on social networks and messaging services for nearly two hours. It’s up to you to reach them.

The first step in building this relationship is to get to know them. Listen, talk to influencers, and pay attention to keywords. Then use your analytics to get to know your audience better.

The Rise of Social Media in Online Retail [Infographic]

social media retailSocial still only accounts for a small share of total retial sales, but its impact on people's shopping and buying activity is rising fast. Take a look at these statistics, based on Internet Retailer's Social Media top 500.