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Could Spectacles 2.0 Point to the Future of Snap Inc.?

could spectacles 2 0 point to the future of snap inc

It was interesting to see the discussion around Snap Inc.’s announcement of Spectacles V.2 last week.

As had been speculated by various reports in recent months, the company has launched a new version of the camera-enabled sunglasses, with improved tools and features which aim to make the device a bigger part of the company’s future.

Facebook Showcases Advanced AR Tools - Which Could be a Problem for Snap Inc.

facebook adds new data security provisions for custom audience use

Facebook and Snapchat are both still locked in a competition for attention, especially among younger users. But Facebook’s latest advances in AR, and potentially VR, tools show that the platform could be moving a step ahead – where it could become increasingly difficult for Snap to keep up.

Snap Inc. Releases New ‘Advanced Mode’ for Snapchat Ads Manager

snap inc releases new advanced mode for snapchat ads manager

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has released an update for their new self-serve ad platform as the company looks to boost their revenue potential ahead of their second quarter earnings announcement next week.

Of course, any change they make now is unlikely to shift the needle in these results, but they may give Snap’s executives a way to divert attention, to point to future opportunities, if, as many expect, the numbers they end up posting on Thursday don’t wow the market.

Snap Inc.'s Closing in on New Version of Spectacles, Which Could Have AR Functionality

snap adds new discovery tools to snap map highlighting happening events

Ever since Snap Inc. released its digitally connected Spectacles, there's been speculation that the company has bigger plans for the glasses.

It seemed, even in the beginning, that Snap’s intention was to add in the capacity for users to overlay their real-world scenes with digital objects, similar to Google Glass.

WhatsApp's Stories Clone Hits 450 Million Daily Users, Increasing Pressure on Snap

whatsapp ups minimum user age in europe ahead of gdpr

Snap Inc.’s lesser than expected performance report wasn’t the only bad news for the company this week. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, The Social Network revealed that its other Snapchat Stories clone, WhatsApp Status, now has more than 450 million daily active users, up from the 300 million the company reported last November.

Who’s on Snapchat Anyway [Infographic]

whos on snapchat anyway

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, will release its Q2 earnings results later this week, and the market will be looking for improvements in their user numbers and revenue statistics, particularly given the push from Facebook to limit the app’s growth.

But regardless of the data, the key question around Snapchat for marketers isn’t so much what the overall numbers are, but who, specifically, is using the app. Even if Snapchat isn’t able to compete with Facebook and Instagram on raw numbers, the app does have more than 166 million users, and its user base is very focused. If you’re looking to reach younger audiences, Snapchat is definitely a worthy consideration.