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Facebook Is Now Worth $190 Billion

FB7-26Facebook is worth more than Amazon. Following yesterday’s earnings report, Facebook shares hit an all-time high in after-hours trading at $75. Price has been very stable this morning as well, confirming yesterday’s pop. Shares opened at $75.96 a share, then set a new record at $76.74. Now, shares are trading at $75.13.

In other words, Facebook’s market capitalization is now around $190 billion, which is above Amazon’s market capitalization of $165 billion.

Instagram Beefs Up Ad Offerings

6-4instIn the next few days, Instagram will begin testing further calls-to-action for sponsored posts. The Facebook-backed platform also plans to expand its targeting capabilities.

Instagram is expanding its advertising capabilities, making it easier for marketers to buy ads and consumers to take actions from them.

One way Instagram is increasing its ad capability is by making it easier for businesses of all sizes to purchase ads on the platform through an Instagram Ads API combined with parent company Facebook's ad buying interfaces. To start, the new API will be opened up to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners, though it will be expanded globally throughout the year, which could come as a boon for advertisers looking for a way to reach customers through the photo sharing platform.

LinkedIn hits 380 million members and $71M profit, $712M in revenue in Q2

7-29LIBusiness-oriented social networking company LinkedIn today announced a $71 million non-GAAP profit, or 55 cents per share, on the $712 million in revenue that it brought in during the second quarter of 2015.

It’s been a good quarter, financially speaking. Analysts were forecasting $679.8 million in revenue and 30 cents in earnings per share, despite the $67.5 million net loss in GAAP terms.

Pinterest to Add Buy Button for Revenue Generation

6-4pinsPinterest has already offered a slew of paid advertising units. Now the platform is tapping into the "Buy Button" for further revenue generation opportunities.

The visual discovery platform unveiled buyable pins today. The pins are blue and sit next to the regular red pins. Users can search for buyable pins. For example, when a user types "jacket" into the search bar and clicks on the blue "see more" button at the top right corner, Pinterest will show a number of jacket options. If the user further clicks on the blue "$" sign, they will be able to enter a price limit by scrolling up and down. Once they set a maximum price, they will be able to swipe through all the jackets within the price range and pick up their favorite.

Report Pegs YouTube's 2013 Revenue at $3.5 Billion, Below Estimates

YT7-10YouTube brought in $3.5 billion in 2013, according to a report published on Monday, a number that comes in below many analysts' estimates.

The user-generated video site is profitable, but its overall income isn't quite as high as the $5 billion number that had been widely floated, according to a story by The Information, which cited two anonymous sources.

Google does not publicly release YouTube's financials. YouTube declined to comment.

Why ‘The Donald’ Won’t Save Twitter

why the donald wont save twitter

Upon the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, many of the major media outlets globally commented on the potential of Trump as the saving grace of Twitter.

Headlines - albeit still skeptical ones - included “How Donald Trump Could Save Twitter” and “Can Donald Trump Save Twitter?”

Admittedly, this post flies somewhat in the face of Twitter’s most recent report on user acquisition growth in Q1 of 2017, especially considering that Business Insider reports of “Twitter COO Anthony Noto said that the company benefited from “resurrected users” following “more political accounts in Q1". There is method in the madness though.

Will Big Data Become Twitter's Source of Revenue?

1-8twitterTwitter, the little blue bird social media company, has around 284 million monthly active users who are responsible for over 500 million tweets a day. Not bad for a company that’s only been around eight years. While many of you are most likely familiar with the 140-character message social media platform, you may not realize they’ve been coming under fire lately.