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3 Effective Strategies for Improving Your Facebook Reach and Engagement

3 effective strategies for improving your facebook reach and engagement

Is your Facebook stagnating, or are you simply looking for more ways of improving your Facebook marketing results?

Getting results on Facebook is increasingly difficult, particularly organically – to help, here are three effective strategies for improving your Facebook reach and engagement.

3 Ways to Get Your Employees to Magnify Your Social Media Reach

3 ways to get your employees to magnify your social media reach

Companies primarily use their social media presence to promote their services, products or organizational news - but is that really a productive way to capture a greater audience?

If the goal is to connect, engage and convert, then maximizing your organization's exposure is vital.

Facebook Adds 'Explore Feed' to Desktop, Which Could Provide Reach Benefits

facebook adds explore feed to desktop which could provide reach benefits

Facebook has been working on new ways to expose users to more content, showing them more of what they like to keep them on platform longer, while also diversifying their content sources.

One of their more recent attempts on this front was the addition of an ‘Explore’ feed for some users, which is essentially a secondary News Feed populated by content which is similar to that which you’ve previously interacted with.

Facebook Provides New Ways for Travel-Based Businesses to Reach Interested Users

facebook provides new ways for travel based businesses to reach interested users

As we head towards the holiday season, Facebook has announced an update for their Dynamic Ads for Travel, which help travel brands hone their ads on the most receptive audience.

Announced last year, Dynamic Ads for Travel enable businesses to target users who’ve displayed some level of interest in their region and offerings based on searches for related terms or similar.

How 'Getting Personal' with Your LinkedIn Updates Can Drive Significant Reach

how getting personal with your linkedin updates can drive significant reach

Sharing personal updates on LinkedIn is a bit of a controversial area for some. Definitely, LinkedIn's not Facebook - you don't want to be sharing all your personal news, thoughts and updates on a platform that's primarily focussed on professional interactions.

But there is a way to share relevant personal updates with your LinkedIn network - and those posts, in my experience, can perform better than your regular 'all business' updates.

The Illusion of Social Media Content Consumption

social media illusionHave you ever published a piece of content that was meant to inspire, but then angered people? Social media is tricky. And as the platform evolves, so does its users. There is no telling how consumers will react and respond to content, if they react or respond at all.