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How Pinterest Ads Are Changing The Game

how pinterest ads are changing the game

Remember learning about "half-life" in high school Biology class? A refresher: the time required for one half the atoms of a given amount of a radioactive substance to disintegrate.

Let's apply this to social media: the half life of a Tweet is approximately 15 minutes - in other words, half of all people that will see your Tweet will see it in the first 15 minutes, and the other half might see it over the next couple hours. The half life of a Facebook or Instagram post is around 8 hours.

Pinterest Adding Visually-Matched Ad Content to Search Results, Expanding Opportunities

pinterest adding visually matched ad content to search results expanding opportunitiesWhile Facebook continues to evolve social more generally, and Snapchat captures attention with its innovative visual tools, I do enjoy seeing how Pinterest is blazing its own path and developing unique products on their own accord.

Once not much more than a digital pin board application, Pinterest has evolved significantly in recent times – you might not necessarily be as aware of Pinterest’s development as you are of the other big platforms, but the changes are significant, and bear relevance for a great many brands looking to best utilize social and generate best returns.