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12 Instagram Background Ideas for Photos that Get More Likes

12 instagram background ideas for photos that get more likes

Looking to create better, more engaging images for Instagram? Have you considered the part your backgrounds can play in audience response?

Sharing well-designed videos and images is now key to being successful on most social media platforms, and Instagram is definitely no exception. The better your photos look, the more they'll stand out, and this, in turn, will help you increase engagement, traffic and sales.

Facebook files patent for using a photo’s camera signature to connect you with other users

9-18FBFacebook has filed a patent for a new way to ascertain the digital signatures of cameras from photographs and then associate it with users within a social network. The application notes that the association of camera with users can be used “beneficially for the social networking system” for things like recommending potential connections, events, or groups to users, detecting fraudulent accounts, and even determining affinity between users.