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How to Measure the Performance of Your Web Testimonials - and Why You Should Care

how to measure the performance of your web testimonials and why you should care

For the majority of today’s consumers, testimonials play a significant role in their purchase decisions. A testimonial can help solidify a consumer’s product selection, boost trust in a business, and even help generate a new desire for a product the consumer wasn’t previously shopping for.

Considering how much power testimonials have, it’s imperative that companies across all industries display the right testimonials, in the right places, in order to convert more leads. Unfortunately, too many companies neglect this important tool for business growth, as many times they're under the mistaken assumption that there isn’t much that can be done with testimonials.

New Report Shows Brand Performance on Social, Broken Down by Industry

new report shows brand performance on social by industryWhich industries perform best on social, and on what platforms are they seeing the most significant growth?

These can be key questions when formulating your own strategy – while you can’t necessarily compare your business to others straight up, looking at what’s working in each sector can give you a baseline, while also pointing you to the platforms where others in your market are seeing the best results.

To help with this, TrackMaven recently conducted a study, examining 12 months worth of social data from over 700 leading businesses. They’ve segmented the results into industry sectors, providing more granular data on each – here’s a summary of their key findings.