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Facebook Considering an Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Option

facebook considering an ad free subscription based option

Would you pay for an ad-free subscription to Facebook?

The idea has long been discussed, but the recent data scandals have given the proposal a new lease of life, with Bloomberg reporting that the company's been conducting market research to determine whether an ad-free version, funded by subscriptions, would be of benefit.

Gmail Adds New Tagging Options to Streamline Email Composition

gmail hacks and tricks to boost productivity

If you use Gmail – which you probably do, considering the email option has more than a billion active users – you might be interested in the app’s latest update, and specifically, some of the new functionalities they’ve added in.

Google Announces AMP Stories and AMP for Gmail, Expanding Options

google announces amp stories and amp for gmail expanding options

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that he believes the Stories format, originated from Snapchat, is now on its way to becoming the key way we share content on social, overtaking the current staple, the News Feed.

Instagram Rolls Out Option to Mute Profiles

instagram officially launches ability to re share user posts in stories

After being spotted in testing earlier this month, Instagram has this week officially announced its new option to mute profiles, enabling users to stop seeing updates from people without having to unfollow them.

Pinterest Has Added a Range of New Custom Presentation Options for Pin Content

pinterest launches new planning calendar to assist with campaign optimization

As Pinterest continues to evolve its search tools and boost its core functionality, it’s also working to provide more presentation options to make it easier for users to display their Pin content how they’d like.

Last November, Pinterest added new board ‘Sections’, which enables users to divide their boards into specific sub-groupings within the main topic. Now, Pinterest’s adding a range of new tools along similar lines, giving you more ways to customize your Pin set-up.

WhatsApp Announces New Business Tools, Paid Enterprise Options

whatsapp announces new business tools paid enterprise options

WhatsApp is taking its next steps towards monetization, with the hugely popular messaging app announcing a range of new features designed to better facilitate business use.

First off, WhatsApp has officially announced their new business profiles, which started appearing ‘in the wild’ last week.