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Do you really want to Change The World? Here is your chance.

CTW12-1Happy Holidays!

This is a time for contemplation about our blessings and what we have. And to think about the future and what so many people world-wide DON'T have, like clean water, or sanitation, or medicines, or personal safety. That's why I registered and founded ChangeTheWorld.com in 1996 to be a 501(c)3 non-profit, now awaiting approval by the IRS. Unfortunately, the timing was awful and when we started production on the original concept, the DotCom meltdown happened and we were not able to raise the necessary funds.

Skipping forward a few years, I partnered with Vince Gerardis*, who had a greater vision and ambition for the site than I did, and we are now ready to build out a truly unique opportunity for people around the globe to help each other. Think of it as a kind eBay meets crowd sourcing for non-profits, charities and humanitarian missions to meet their goals to improve the world.

The current ChangeTheWorld.com website is just the very beginning of what we believe will be a vibrant, robust and unique way to involve people positively in the ways that are most important to them, whether it is environmental protection, human rights, education, freedom from persecution or other important missions.

How 10 Nonprofit Brands Roll on Twitter

5-19TMany nonprofits, such as Operation Smile, the World Wildlife Fund and the Central Park Conservancy, are doing Twitter so well they're outperforming their business brethren.

Branding. Marketing. Selling. There are countless reasons why you would use social media for business. And if you’re a nonprofit organization, one of those reasons is fundraising.

How to Budget for Nonprofit Digital Marketing

how to budget for nonprofit digital marketing

Let’s just address the elephant in the room - how much should your organization be spending on digital marketing?

I’ll get to that answer in a moment, but first, let's examine why it’s important to budget for marketing, or how you can make the case to your top leadership. For nonprofits, it’s a lot easier to ask for money when someone knows what you stand for, is already familiar with your organization, and trusts you.